How to Wear: Clothing for Carnival

Are you going to skip Carnival and do not know what to wear? I have separated some ideas of ‘ordinary’ clothes for people who go to bookstores, parties or just stroll during the holiday and do not want to spend on costumes!You can enjoy the celebrations and still be fashionable.

I think the main tip is bet on comfort! They are very hot days and there are a lot of people everywhere, so you can not get hurt over jumping or worrying about clothes. Then bet on sneakers, skirts, and loose pieces.

The bag has already been considered tacky, but today it has gained space in fashion, besides being super functional – it is a great request for those who will play and dance a lot and do not want to keep holding a purse or backpack. Already the body is the darling of the moment and makes you cool and stylish at the same time.

If you prefer an even more casual and easy-to-find look, the embossed T-shirt is a good choice! You can put together relaxed and mega comfortable visuals with it, besides being versatile to use on a daily basis. The trend of metallic pieces is for those who are bold and want to shine in the Carnival, it is beautiful even during the day and is super modern. My last choice of inspirations are little monkeys or bibs, they are two informal pieces that are easy to find in any fast fashion according to Have you already chosen the clothes for the Carnival?

1. Carnival in the Carnival

2. Body in the Carnival

3. T-shirt printed at Carnival

4. Metallic parts in the Carnival

5. Little monkey/bib at Carnival