How to Wear Capes and Ponchos

Not only in the 70s to the hippie period this hippie-style was modern. What many don’t know: originally the poncho from Mexico comes. In this category you will find ponchos for every season.

Pimp ponchos with colorful patterns simple outfits in the blink of an eye on. Whether summer or winter, you’ll find it with security a poncho knitted or made of wool, in the online stores. Also if you are looking for a poncho made of light material, you can find this in the fashion Finder. There is something for every budget and taste!

Ponchos with long sleeves

For the colder days, long arm ponchos are, of course, the best choice. You can snuggle up wonderfully in the warm knit or wool ponchos and has wrapped feel in a cozy blanket to be whole – no matter where you just stay. You can loop the poncho to your body or just leave.

Ponchos with short sleeves

Ponchos with short sleeves and light materials are perfect for summer days. We love the models with patterns and colors! Lightweight poncho look simply ravishing especially in combination with denim shorts; for clothes they can take but just as well. One styling this outfit with summer boots, the look is just perfect.

Ponchos with Turtleneck

A particularly practical and convenient variant of the poncho is the Turtleneck poncho. With him you saves the scarf and it looks extremely stylish. Not too cold days, you can wear them even where a jacket or just throw them over a light transition jacket.

Poncho with fringe

Fringed ponchos bring the incomparable boho look with it and are just as made for Festival outfits! There is the fringe variant not only in a short version for spring and summer, but also for the colder days. Who hippie-style is the ultimate, not get around a poncho with fringe!