How to Wear: Blazer

In response to some requests from dear readers in the Just Lia Community, today’s post will be about blazer. And be prepared that he is super!

The blazer is a men’s piece and is thought to have emerged in the early decades of the 19th century with members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, a rowing club for students at St. John’s College (England). They wore red jackets as their own ID and these jackets became known as a blazer.

It is not today that we women borrow the men’s clothes and Coco Chanel knows that well. But for women, blazers change the structure a bit and adapt to our style. The 2010 summer season brought many to the runways and further cemented this colorful friendship between tailoring and casual.Winter is there and they are still great option!

It’s amazing how much variety we can find in the stores. It is a blazer of all colors, paetê, printed, cut, boyfriend style, college style. Today, the blazer is not common only on special occasions. It also works in casual situations like a coat that frightens the cold very well. It goes well with jeans, high waist skirts, shorts, dresses and all kinds of pants. As it is a well structured piece and close to the body, various combinations are welcomed. Black ones are a little more social , but they can be worn with floral print dresses or torn jeans, for example. Patterns, such as flower patterns, are more fun and can be worn by day. The blazers are great also to disguise the wider hips of those who like to wear bandage skirts. The lighter ones with larger prints favor those who do not want to look so thin.

I separated the blazers by color.I hope it gets better to combine and visualize!

Where to Buy:look for the department stores C & A, Renner, Riachuelo, Marisa and Zara.There are endless choices, both the more classic and the more modern.

1. Black Blazer

2. Gray Blazer

3. White Blazer

4. Cream Blazer

5. Brown Blazer

6. Marine Blazer

7. Red Blazer

8. Pink Blazer

9. Flowery Blazer

10. Striped Blazer

11. Blazer fashions