How to Use Women’s Moccasin

One of the most current fashion trends that there are the moccasins, a type of footwear that has always been used by men and now also exists for women. With these shoes you can create the image of a casual, urban and modern woman breaking through the barrier that separates the masculinity of femininity. In this article by Our site Let’s count how to use women’s moccasin so you can make the most of this type of shoe and stay in fashion.

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One of the simplest ways is to combine moccasin with jeans or jeans skinny Pant-type, so you can score your curves in a way feminine and very sexy. Think the moccasins are a type of shoe and, therefore, it is important to contrast the masculinity with feminine clothing clearly highlight the best of your body. With this choice you will get a very current, informal and completely cool.

You will get a perfect look for the Office with moccasins combined with jeans and a blazer on top which will give this more sober touch to your look. You can choose to wear more casual with dark jeans or, if you prefer, you can opt for a more social.

But the secret of this combination is that the pants stay above the ankle, this way you will be able to highlight the shoes you’re wearing.

A more trendy than the last option is to opt for use, at the top, this formal touch with a blazer and a shirt or blouse elegant but, at the bottom, wear some shorts that will give your image a very sexy and feminine touch to leave the legs showing. If it’s winter, choose to wear transparent stockings or skin colour, so will achieve the desired effect.

As you see in both images, the best for this look is a maxi handbag which is the ideal complement for your clothes. Above all, the shorts that you use should not be too short, the best is to stay in the middle of the thigh for, like, play with a masculine and feminine at the same time. You will see how will look smashing!

An idea from INTERSHIPPINGRATES that is currently very fashionable is to use long socks with skirts that reach below the knees or above the knees, too. This style somewhat resembles the schoolgirl uniforms and is one of the trends that are gaining more fans. So that your image isn’t too brazen is best to combine this suit with loafers or Oxford type shoes that give you a innocent and tomboy to your outfit. As you see, the result is great.

Now we will propose a set of today, as two more in clothes blend of the season: the cover and the moccasins. When we talk about the cover we refer to this especially once our grandmothers wore and that, currently, is back in fashion, but with a very modern air. It’s an outfit that is a hybrid between jacket and poncho, perfect for any occasion.

A great way to wear this garment is skinny jeans and loafers, so a very avant-garde and current look. If you go to a party at night, choose pants more sober or, as mentioned before, shorts that will look great to your style.

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Combine loafers with a short dress is also a great idea to be able to mix the feminine and the masculine in the same look. In these cases, it is best to stay with the bare legs or with transparent socks or skin color. Another option is to use colored socks as well, will have a lot more years 80 style and fun.

The ideal complement to this style is, as you can see in the image, a wide-brimmed hat. Will give a very sophisticated and modern marking your image of strong, confident, sexy woman. In Our site we give some advice so that you can pick a woman’s hat.

Another good way to explore the female’s moccasins with another outfit that remains a myth in winter fashion: the oversize sweater. With this combination you can, again, play with the feminine and the masculine with a very sensual image of herself. To mark well your woman’s body, it is best to wear jeans, a handbag and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., that ressaltarão the your feminine side.

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