How to Use: Stamps Chess

The skirts of the Scots and the flannel shirt of the woodcutters are inspirations for this pattern that came back with everything in the 90’s with grunge. Chess, for me, is the stamp of winter. In fact, any winter. Arriving this colder season, we need prints that bring us back to coziness. Chess lately has been quite used in the summer as well, but I prefer to wear it in winter, especially if it is flannel texture.

We must know the size of the pattern, the colors and the part where it will be applied to create cohesive compositions. The most relaxed chess is that colored (which mixes at least 3 colors) with large squares. This is the most suitable type to be used in the summer. In winter, let it lie down. The more sober chess has thin lines, dark colors and even allows you to blend with another print.Even the picture having a smaller size, it will always be noticed.

As chess always reinvents itself, in this season it appeared in carrot pants with neutral colors and well-structured blazers according to EHISTORYLIB. In winter, combine this print with fake fur vests or leather jackets.We feet, sneakers, oxfords, sandals, boots and squares.Enjoy to see also the post How to use:Shirt Chess.

Where to Buy:in our beloved fast-fashion C & A, Renner, Riachuelo, Marisa and Zara (there are several!).But also look for Maria Filó (who has a sneaker, belt, bag, dress, coat…), Option (also has a lot!), Ellus, Luigi Bertolli and Eclectic.

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