How to Style a Parka Jacket

Ladies parkas are no longer only functional. Originally developed for the military, the parka should protect against wind and weather and its green color provide camouflage. The parka went around the world and found so much appeal in the fashion that he no longer is indispensable in our wardrobe. The parka combines functionality and style like hardly a different jacket. Different cuts, details, lengths and designs make the parka diverse and so popular.

A parka is essential

A classic parka has a hood, many pockets and is mostly khaki. But here too a lot has happened in terms of appearance! There are now black parkas, but also beige or colored. The fitting parka this will be for everyone. There are also the coat in light summer versions or there is the parka lined variants with a fur hood, in short or long. As varied as his appearance is also his way of carrying and makes it therefore indispensable.

We love parka!

A parka can be elegantly fitted and create a feminine silhouette. He can high-quality fur be equipped with or entirely purist in the military look. A parka can be rocky, casual, romantic or practical. There’s parkas with rugged zippers, with coarse materials or with delicate details. In any case, a parka is always an eye catcher and a fashionable variation. You can style the parka to everything. The coolest looks a parka to the dark skinny jeans, combining to black heavy boots. A simple sweater under the parka and a large tote bag, make the parka look complete. But also a dress or skirt looks good under a parka, because of the breach of the style fits very well.

Parka online shop

Here you will find many different parka, whether short or long, in khaki, black, or beige. Filter by size, brand, price, color and even by material selection. Find your perfect parka now and be fashionable always on the safe side. With a parka, you’re in the trend and the great jacket is practical even!