How to Style a Fringe Bag

A model that arose around the years 60 and 70 and still in high these days, the fringe is a super sweet item among women. Contrary to what many think, the Franklin is no longer unique to the folk style or boho, and can be combined with the look in several ways.

They are not limited to shades of black and Brown, a single style or size, you can now find them in colored tones, suede or synthetic leather, mini, medium or maxi-bolsas. Enabling a myriad of looks and styles.

On instagram of there are several suggestions of looks, and of course, the darlings of the time didn’t get out of the store looks.

Mini Model

The smaller models are ideal for those who don’t want to carry a lot more than the phone, document and the money. They can be combined with a short of salt and pepper and a cropped smooth tissue, as well as the look of Ritual:

Or, for lovers of jeans (which incidentally are super trendy), falls very well with shorts and cropped jeans of course:

Medium model

Median models are perfect for any occasion. Being a good size to carry your things, it combines with all sorts of body, with both the short and the highest, as well as with the plump or skinny. The size of the purse must not be chosen only by the occasion of use, but also by the body of his owner. In General, the ideal is that the bag is proportional to the body, not to mention the time and or body mass. But, sometimes we take more time to find the perfect handbag size, and that is why the medium bags are great choices, being neither too small and not too large.

The stock market average fringing can be combined with a dress over 62 and flare sleeve, giving a more stripped down, as well as the suggestion of Ritual:

Or is super cool with a short printed and a cropped smooth:

But also falls very well with a pair of pants: