How to Save Pearl?

Old Make New…
Pearls have stimulated the imagination has always been and were considered jewellery of K matter. Since fr hesten times they were taken in gold, pulled on the chains, and processed to valuable Schmuckst press. Her incomparable L ster and discreet Orient lie en some Pearl Jewelry are centuries ago to the legend. A necklace or earrings made of real pearls marked the tr ger or the Tr gerin as significant.

Who calls his own a precious Pearl Necklace , know from personal experience that that ck quickly a little matt can be good St for careless storage. Putting the Pearl Jewelry in the jewelry box, k can warp or brooches him quickly unsightly scratches zuf gen. Pearls are a natural product and as such quite sensitive. But the situation is even more extreme if pearls for centuries in bad gel fteten treasuries, or even at the bottom of the sea. Their coloring changes frequently h. Often available paint them himself, get spots and cracks. Pearl Jewelry, which currency crumbled to dust in BER was found in Egyptian tombs.

Chemical processes are to blame for this. Pearls consist for a large part of aragonite. This is broken down into over the years to calcite. Also the mantle, the substance that gives its cohesion, the Pearl is about broken down the years. Also, many ancient Schmuckst contain cke today cultured pearls, which were used in place of the originally common natural pearls.

Since this problem was known, one has tried it to bek fight. Already in the 4th century, a papyrus of Alexandria knows ten different methods, which should improve the appearance of pearls. In India and China dam secured themselves scholars with the problem. The L solutions were sometimes adventurous. So you a buk the beads in a loaf of bread or rubbing it with boiled rice. Also the method to accuse the Pearl to the poultry to the FRA was popular? and to hope that their digestion will restore the shine.

In the Europe of the middle ages and the fr hen modern times, such methods were ge bt. Resourceful Jewelers developed after but also more sophisticated methods. A manual recommended to store bead necklaces in salt water? in practice d sharpened more harmed than gen appreciated this assistance. You rubbed the olive beads l or white wine from. W while the latter indeed shine again hidden markets, it at the same time attacked the u to eren nacre layers of Pearl.

In the 19th century have you experienced? Pearl doctors? an incredible boom. Beads were placed in alcohol or ther and with it great heat dried. Some Pearl necklace from the middle ages could be saved as. Hydrogen peroxide made beads wei again, but also a part of their L them hold. By soaking in hot em Spermaceti, a leagues substance from the head of sperm whales, were cracking and reverse changes gegl smoothed.

W while briefly some of these ways success promised t slow they extended the life of the respective beads hardly. They took L St the Pearl or they attacked their surface to surface. Not always, you could restore the optics by polishing.

A very effective method is unfortunately valuable substance of Perl. Also, there are only a few experts who have mastered this ancient technique. A Pearl with sufficiently thick mother-of-Pearl layer at the AU is enseite dam damaged or available rbt, so can you they almost turn len. While the u is removed first layer of beads carefully, without violating the including layers. The result is an once again very clear radiant Pearl often h.