How to Organize Your Child’s Backpack

Vacations coming to an end, it’s time to prepare the stuff that is needed to start classes.After buying the school books and all the stationery, comes the question of the backpack. Care must be taken not to leave it too heavy and choose a model according to age and functionality is very important.

According to experts, the weight of the backpack should not be greater than ten percent of the child’s weight, so it does not cause damage to the spine. In addition, the backpack should be properly loaded with the two shoulder straps. The trolley backpack (or wheeled backpack) is often much more feasible for children who need to carry many books, but it must also be chosen with great care. Ideally, the model should have an adjustable handle, because it adapts to the child’s height.

Does the backpack have many pockets? So take advantage of everyone and distribute the weight harmonically. In the larger room, place the books, notebooks, and diaries.Heavier and bulky objects should be as close to the back as possible.

Another very important thing at the time of organizing the material is going to be taken to school is to identify with tags. In them place the name and series of the child. In this way, it is possible to facilitate the organization of items and avoid losses in school.

If you take a snack to school, put everything in a plastic bag to avoid messing up the material. The food may also be stored in a specific pouch compartment, preferably not mixed with school supplies.