How to Organize the Children’s Room?

There are very fun, creative and happy to help their children to grow up with a nice, healthy dose of organization and order

A home with children needs to be a House alive right mess is crucial to show that, in that environment, there are physical and emotional health and well-being. In courses that Minister, it is common to hear questions of mothers and parents anxious to establish the Organization in the life of their children. My answer is always the same: combine with the child what she wants and what would make you happy in your storage room. You will be amazed at the answers! So, check out the tips of the Organization consultant, Rosângela fields.

Nothing to enslave the tiny kids with excess organization in toys, books or games. They need to have independence and control in your enchanting world of jokes and imaginations. The example will always be the best option. Have you heard that children who see their parents reading have the habit of reading? Well, with the organization is no different: lead by example. In this case, however, avoid imposing your way. The ideal is to stimulate the very shape of the child to organize things. The results are extraordinary!

Some tips to help your kids be more organized:

>> They want to see and access everything? The room ends up looking like a Persian market, with all the shows because they do not give up to see his toys and preferences all the time? The solution is simple: use and abuse of transparent boxes, where you can see what’s inside. No tags, since they don’t read the joke is now!

>> Girls, mostly in the range of three to ten years, trade often clothes even if they decide to.  How to help them keep then? Try organizing along with it the closet by color and style. For example, dresses can be exposed to light up the darker, with the pink in the middle. Explain that in this manner she displays better your clothes and choose more easily what you will wear. Provide some organizers and she will be your biggest ally in the organization.

>> Sneakers, stockings, glasses and other items tend to be scattered around the room? Hardly, you get a child save everything in the proper place. Provide racks and explain to the child how to make the room more organized. With things in their place, the little ones will have more space to play.

>> Piles of clothes that you fold with every tenderness are always messy? Put it all on hangers! It is easier for the child access and pick up the pieces, you don’t knead and can be stored more quickly. If need to be folded, prioritize the use of drawers. Put the clothes in the form of (overlapping) and everything will be visible.

Children have a very different logic from ours. So, pass the small that you trust in their own way to set things right. In addition, their ideas are always welcome and can be very nice. With this attitude, they’ll be at your side in time to let everything in the most perfect order.

Finally, for them, the time to fix is the dull moment. Is when you are exhausted from too much play and do not want anything but stay quietly watching TV or resting before bed.  Knowing this, establish the rules of the Organization for the next day. Remember: kids organized will be quieter and peaceful adults, inevitably.

How about, then, put the tips into practice and take advantage of the children’s day with more peace of mind? With the House in order, you’ll have more time to chat and play games. So, get organized!