How to Mount a Camping Tent

Camping holiday but problems with the tent? Here is how to mount a tent and enjoy the holidays!

Did you choose the camping for your vacations? Well, it is always a good choice and a good experience, but you know the tent properly?

If you’re not particularly practical, here are some tips on how to best assemble a tent

First of all, get a towel, preferably well thick and strong, and use it as background for the tent. It is usually already included, but not always. Make sure it’s compatible with tent and has grommets at the edges to insert it properly according to camping blog.

Now take your chopsticks and just put it in the slots in the inner tent section Canadian high school (or igloo), so the structure will be fixed and well wide so that we can pull out of it all.

Now pass the chopsticks to the two corners of the curtains, from side to side so that the corners are set and support structure. At the intersection of two rods, top, need a dose of stability in addition usually: make a tight knot with shoelaces, so that the sticks remain well and strong.

Put your tent with the rainfly, placing it over the frame (correctly I recommend, check that the inlet hole matches).

Take the pegs and fixed to the ground the tarp in all four corners. Use a hammer to fix the stakes but first checks that the land is suitable

With the pegs, you have to create the right tension the tent, so that it is stable. Strengthens the pegs if you see unsafe or weather conditions are unfavourable (rain, wind).