How to Match Jewels in Winter

It is often said that in the winter people dress better, are more elegant. But to be complete, visual many women don’t give up a beautiful piece of jewelry, even wearing a coat, turtleneck or scarf. These clothes can combine perfectly with a nice piece, just learn to harmonize the look with all that information.

How to Match Jewels in Winter 2

Perhaps the most difficult to combine the blouses with high collars and necklacesbecause they end up taking the same space. But this combination can be very beautiful and charming. The longer necklaces and fallen look great with this model, stretches the silhouette and give more movement to the composition. The 5 Petal Flower necklace of silver jewellery designer Eliana Schüssel is a perfect combination.

How to Match Jewels in Winter 3

However, if your choice was a shirt with the collar more craftedlike the collars roles, the paste should stay out of the look. In this case an earring and a ring are the best options. As the collar already draws attention, the ideal is to opt for a smaller earring, but not deleted. The Blue Star of David earrings from designer Eliana Schüssel is small, but the stone gives a touch of elegance and modernity.

If you choose to wear a coat, will depend on the height of the collar. If the neck stay shows a medium sized earring or even a bit big can match. But if the collar is high, the best option is again a small piece. The modern Wheel earrings Eliana Schüssel are beautiful options for composing these visuals.

How to Match Jewels in Winter 1

With the scarf, mainly to cover the neck up, no way, the right choice is a small earring. The Round earring Eliana Schüssel is perfect. It is smaller, but has charm and movement, which gives an up in look.

Now that you have conferred some tips, visit the online store of designer Eliana Schüssel and choose your unique jewelry to match with coats, scarves and collar sweaters this winter.