How to Maintain Fishing Equipment

If we are passionate about fishing and we have at our disposal a decent equipment, surely we are also looking for a way to keep it intact and efficient. If we want to learn how to keep the most of our equipment so that we can thus endure over time, and to have always new and efficient objects in tow, here are some tips on how to do the maintenance of the equipment.

Be sure to have on hand:

cotton cloths

silicon spray

lubricating oil

wooden or plastic rod holder support

cotton or neoprene coprimulinelli

The life of our fishing tackle depends overwhelmingly on how is kept both before and after fishing. The first step then is to purchase a rod holder on the wall, on the market you can find both in wood and plastic material according to the individual needs. This useful tool will keep tidy all barrels, well separated from the other. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent dexterity with DIY, another good idea would be to create something from scratch, building it by respecting both the spaces available to us, that our creativity.

We see instead how to proceed immediately after a fishing trip. Whenever we run out of fish, we should take care to place the equipment just used within special containers that will be used only for transport home. Once you arrive at your destination we should “wash” all equipment under plenty of running water, with a peculiar if our fishing was done at sea. Let us remember that the salt washes up on our equipment, if not promptly removed, causing erosion on the materials.

Meanwhile we can devote ourselves to the barrel cleaning, as described in the previous step, and its drying. We should have an eye for the rings passers-by — flowing with burr, these will be thoroughly dried and a further precaution would be appropriate to make a chest pass with a silicone spray. After the maintenance of the barrel, we can focus again on the reel.

Before replacing the coils on the reel oils with the cleaner, the central shaft of the reels, the crank and gear. Other great enemy of our equipment is humidity can ruin it like salt. Remember to replace the drool every 3 fish.

Once you have finished the cleaning and maintenance place the tools in an orderly manner, giving them each a specific place so quickly and always find what we need. We protect the barrels from the dust cloth and protective casings mounted on wall-mounted rod holders, also fit the plumes in their wrappers, cotton or neoprene.

Never forget:

Every time we finished our fishing trip, we should provide for wash it under running water

All three fishing it is appropriate to replace the burr

Moisture is the enemy of our equipment like the saltiness