How to Get Ruby Rose Hairstyle

You take undercut cuts but do not want to dare, here is the alternative “reversible” Ruby Rose model. To be copied quickly in a few steps!
They make you crazy undercut cuts them but do not have the courage to dare? Try copying the rock & chic hairstyle of Ruby Rose, model and presenter of MTV Australia. You will only lacquer, clothespins and a modeling paste. Ready?

  1. Dry your hair as you would do naturally and decide which side to make your fake shaving, from the other side you’re going to make a large sprig.
  2. On the side of the fake shaving get a lock coarse hair, starting from the temple, and further break it into three ciocchette.

  1. Apply the modeling paste on each individual strand to make it more body and to make it last longer hairstyle.
  2. Now twists on itself, tight squeeze, as if you were creating a dread and brings every strand into the neck and the fdove fasten with hairpins (trying to create three horizontal and parallel lines).
  3. To hide the final fixing point cotona slightly a lock on top of the head and let it fall down as if to create a ridge.
  4. Then collect all the hair into a low ponytail and hairspray all.