How to Fix Dry Hair

And out of the water, salt, sun and sea make your hair dry? Here you will find cosmodritte to minimize damage.
The summer hair is subjected to a constant stress. And they need a lot of attention if you want to avoid disappointment, as an off color or distorted, the stringy effect and a stem devoid of energy that runs the risk of breaking and falling. The solution? Simple: just treat them with the same care that lends itself to the skin. A targeted cosmetic that protects them from solar radiation, salt and chlorine in swimming pools, a good cleanser that removes the impurities in the evening and, thereafter, an area rich in regenerating substance of the hair fiber wrap. Treatments that continue also in styling gel, mousse and fixers who, in addition to ensuring an impeccable coiffure result, they contain vitamins in the formula and regenerating active ingredients of the hair fiber.

Protect them in the sun

It is true that the sun dry the hair and makes them dry and stringy, but it is equally true that the iodine content of sea air, restores the metabolism of hair, strengthen them and giving new vitality to the stem. Adapt to the power of the sun is the smartest way to protect your hair from the intensity of the radiation. In beauty case, along with the sun for the skin, should not miss those for the hair. They must be applied at least every three hours and always after swimming at sea, after rinsing your hair with fresh water. Which to choose? There is something for all tastes: in oily applicable version minutely from root to tip, spray (recommended for long hair, because they are easy to apply and “light”), gel and even cream to get a wet, that enclose particularly formulas rich in active principles restructuring and ideal for colored and chemically treated hair.

How to save them from the salt and protect them from chlorine

A bracing dip in the pool to cool off and then immediately on the table to dry? Wrong, and the reasons are not to be underestimated: the droplets act as a lens and amplify the sunlight, the salt dissolved in seawater scratch the hair shaft, making it dry and dull. Wet hair with water chlorinated swimming pool, then, is the best way to dry and lifeless find them: the danger is in the chlorine, a heavy metal that can bind to the hair proteins, damaging them. The risk is higher when it comes to chemically treated hair: even if the new permanent discoloration and are designed to respect the nature of the hair is bound to make the slightly more porous stem, therefore more fragile and sensitive solutions? The most effective is to wear the bonnet latex to protect the hair and rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each bath.

After the sun

“On holidays the appuntameno with shampoo should be everyday” says Mark Schiacchitano the Aveda salon Plinio 13: “Not only because of the excessive sweating, but also to eliminate the traces of salt and those little grains of sand that can irritate scalp. So the choice of summer shampoo should be even more mirata. Cosa try? First of all a base mild detergent, but effective. Then, they want to substances capable of treating the hair fiber after exposure to UV rays and able to soothe the scalp irritated by microsfregamenti with sand and salt. Finally, there are no excuses to avoid a capillary mask once the seventh on normal hair three of those colored, permed or bleached: five minutes on vacation are always found, and then just this simple attention to moisturize deeply the stem, feeding the hair fiber and thus avoid damage difficult to remedy. It must always be applied on hair washed and towel-generous helping, combing the lengths with a wooden wide-tooth comb and massaging with your fingertips an extra dose when the tips are brittle. For a real “moisturizing bath” better soak a towel in hot water flavored with a few drops of essential oil of mint. Wring it out well and wrap it like a turban around the head immediately after putting on the mask hair. The steam flavored flock to more blood to the scalp, relaxes the skin and will better penetrate the active ingredients.”

Styling by seratona?

“Even the hairs go on vacation,” says hair stylist Enrico Mariotti: “Get rid of the hair dryer then the bondage and brush and prefer very practical denominations ranging air dried and put in the fold only with your fingers. The watchword is natural: a versatile and lightweight cut extensions hair around her face, tone-on-tone colors, combining hot and cold nuances so get moving and give sprint to cut. To comb for a summer evening there are many possibilities: the most simple, but effective, is to pull your hair back with the help of a strong and brilliant effect sealing gel, leaving them adhering to the head, and decorating them with two simple bars on the side. For a net effect, but more fun, take the side or middle parting zig zag. Very trendy the plots, to be fixed in casual fashion with hairpins and combs, or ponytails: always high on the neck and secured with a silk ribbon, raffia or leather. Important that the hair is shiny: to use then spray the rich finish of illuminating polymers that give a mirror effect.

Cosmo tips:

Yes a little trim at least two centimeters before the holidays, avoid the problem of split ends.

To keep the color bright green light to temporary colorations tone on tone without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Beach avoids hairstyles “pull”, thick braids and metal clips, there are high chances of breaking the hair. No to ponytails 24 hours a day, favoring the stagnation of sebum and do not allow a good oxygenation of the scalp.

Against streaked very clear, after the holidays end up completely white. Not even the colors in too dark tones with the excuse that the sun will lighten your hair, the result would be just to get toning slightly believable tone.