How to Choose the Size of Shirt

You prefer to dress more casual or dressy, the main thing is to know two pieces of information, and that, before choosing a men’s shirt in your size. On the one hand, there is the round neck and on the other hand the sleeve length.

What to Know About The neck of turn?

A man’s shirt is designed as a round neck, just above your Adam’s apple. To take the measurement, you need a tape that you will pass around your neck, breathing normally starting from the collar button to the buttonhole. If you do not like too tight clothing, so feel free to add a few millimeters (up to 1 cm) more. Indeed, it is always better to wear a shirt for men a bit wider than too tight. Remember also that washing often tends to shrink your clothes. Then use the tape length to determine the turn in cm and thus choose your shirt for men.

The Sleeve Length, an Element not to be Overlooked
Aside from the neck, sleeve length can also be a reference for selecting a shirt for men. It is possible that for a turn of neck, several clothing can have different sleeve lengths. To not go wrong choice, do not hesitate to use your tape measure to take measurements, from the beginning of the shoulder to your thumb. You may as well keep your right arm and horizontal and vertical that would be best to get help from someone to get a more accurate measurement. Finally, do not forget to add a few millimeters to ensure your own comfort and ease of movement.