How to Choose Leggings

More than an accessory, the leggings has become a staple in your wardrobe. New trends more seduce fashionistas like treggings, lace leggings or leggings fantasy.

The leggings to adopt are those in stretch fabric and leather. The most hits are printed tribal, ethnic and mottled patterns (Aztec, African) melted in a warm color such as red, orange or fuchsia but also cool colors like blue.The leggings Aztec (diamonds, triangles usually black on bright colors and motifs recalling all the Mexican people) are also present. The two materials are recommended leggings, often a mixed viscose fabric and imitation leather or denim or even a coated stretch band for a very graphic matte effect. That’s the kind of association that had its effect. You can find them easily in all of our favorite brands such as H & M, Zara, Pull & Bear …

The leggings to avoid at all costs are those with wool for the printed patterns Christmas decoration or with reference skiing (reins, snowflakes…). Printed leggings with leopard, zebra or any other reason related to the animal world should be banned immediately, according to Emilyleggings. The two-tone leggings and gradients are ignored.

Now leggings have no secrets for you, not only you will get to dissociate in the out and this will save time especially in this time of balances and above all, you will become a true expert in trend.