How to Choose LED Bulb

Light Color

Below you will find two links with more detailed information as succinct this article, please click for more information. Link 1 Day-light, warm white, daylight color, how to choose? Link 2 Discover the complexity to define a color with LEDs . the human being, like the plants and animals in need to live in a pleasant light environment. Artificial lighting should be closer to the maximum of solar lighting for us to flourish serenely still everything is more complex with the bulbs based LED lighting. Color temperature for domestic lighting is expressed in degrees Kelvin , for example 3200 ° K warm white color similar to a halogen. It is actually a combination of two X and Y coordinates from 2 curves themselves.

Choose LED Bulb

Yes, it is quite complicated … but for simplicity we agree that this color temperature must be between 5000 ° K and 6500 ° K for the lighting approaches to the best of natural light. nevertheless, we believe that the value of 6500K is already very cold and does not correspond to the lighting temperature issued by the solar star, this is our personal opinion. in fact, the color temperature of daylight varies depending on the time of day and season , natural lighting at 9am in the morning in winter will . totally different from that obtained at 14h in summer or to some complexity to announce lighting reproducing natural lightBasically, here are some pointers … the warm white : This is the equivalent of traditional lighting, to know the color of your incandescent or halogen bulbs. The color temperature is generally between 2300 ° K and 3200 ° K. The warm white light : Creation of the V-LumTech company in 2007, it’s a bit missing link between warm white halogen bulbs and white said natural that some will appreciate moderately. Its color ranges from 3500 K to 3800 ° K. The natural white : This is the color that is closest to natural light, its color is generally between 4500 ° K and 5500 ° K. the cold white : it is a white color in which you have a small connotation blue in white, such as xenon headlights, the color temperature is between 6500 ° K and 8000 ° K on average and is totally unpleasant in domestic use main light. the very cold white : It is a white colder extending a white Type Xe-gas and reaches almost white blue as the one we meet in large seabed to limit light penetration under water and can therefore be around 20,000 ° K.

How do you choose? Very simple … * If you like the heat provided by incandescent or halogen lights so opt for warm white. * If you find that the warm white distorts too colors (Notice of good number of online ) and you are reluctant to start you on the white lights, go for the warm white light that LEDBULBBAY offers for B22 LED bulbs. * If you want to join the lighting called natural , ie light with white light without it being cold however, opt for lED bulbs in day-light or white light Pretty white products V-LumTech® the Premium ® range. * If you want to bring a bit of design in some of your outdoor lighting, opt for cool white lED bulbs but know that this is totally not recommended for very unpleasant household lighting. We have also very little bulbs with cold white mention. To give you some additional information, warm white represents a sales volume of more low because too many people find that this distorts color too that of their environment, so we sell more and more a version called light warm white (slightly less yellow than a halogen bulb) or a version called Pretty white akin to a moderately sunny daylight by our customers. the kitchen and bathroom are often lit in white (Day-light or Pretty white), the rooms are often éclairéees with lED bulbs in warm white or light warm white, the living rooms (living room , games room, office) are often lit with lED bulbs light warm white or pretty white. This is the most classic pattern, everyone is free to dissosier color of each room or on the contrary to have that one color lighting throughout the house. There are no possible generality in this area in our experience of over 5 years in sales of LED bulbs. Warm white, warm white light, white, natural white Joli (day-light), you now know which choose.