How to Choose Anklets

The women’s anklet is an accessory worn especially during the summer months, there are different types: colored, gold and silver.


The jewels in general have very ancient origins and often in the various civilizations that used it, were carriers of specific meanings and symbolism of which he made ​​the bearer wearer. Over the centuries, they have held several values ​​from a mere instrument of beauty show of power, belonging to a certain class. And interesting to note that some jewels (like the ankle) were born in the distant past have been set aside for short periods and recover to be all the rage nowadays. In the Middle Ages the jewelry had various symbols and were considered symbols based on three levels: in terms of pay, it was believed that the jewelry stones had magical and supernatural properties; according to the most religious, the jewels had the merit to spiritually connect to their deceased loved ones; even to preserve the belief that to wear the jewelry were those who belonged to the most privileged social classes, during the Middle Ages were enacted laws to prohibit the lower classes to wear jewelry.

According to Wholesaleably, the anklet is a jewel that historically was worn by Oriental dancers obviously ankle. They were often equipped with small rattles, so as to cause the sounds while performing the dances. Today the anklet is worn with only aesthetic purposes; is a very popular ornament among women, especially in the summer when our feet are more exposed.


The materials used are silver, gold, and then a whole series of more or less precious stones, and gems that contribute to enhance the preciousness. There are of very simple, consisting of a single thin wire, and more particular, with wires that are intertwined with each other, with small rings, circles, hearts and with various pendants.

Very nice ones that have as a pendant letter, which can be your initial example. Other reported padlocks, crosses, flowers embellished with sparkling rhinestones. Depending on your tastes, some believe that the most beautiful ones are as simple as possible, those who research the particularity, the colors and different shapes. Among the colors are very popular ones purely summer: coral, turquoise, bronze.


Considering the point where you wear it, usually those with a particularly attractive ankle (thin and fine) and want to enhance it even in the eyes of others, wearing the anklet. In recent years there has been a tendency to say to the effect that if the woman is wearing the anklet on the left is considered to have committed and no longer available, while those who wear the anklet on the right would be a free woman and without any emotional bond with each other sex.

In fact, hearing the views of those who use what you notice is that not all take account of this distinction, and indeed, tend to choose the ankle accidentally or otherwise for convenience. It is also true that the anklet is now no longer worn only by those lucky enough to show an ankle particularly fine, but anyone who appreciates this ornament.

This is because it is commonly considered a very sensual accessory, irrespective of the ankle which is worn. Clearly, like all fashion accessories, she has boomed in recent years. Fashion dictates that the ankle brace is worn in contact with the skin, never over the stockings, then turns out to be a purely summer accessory. Moreover, it is no longer regarded as a status symbol; then, and I say to men in this case, a woman wearing the anklet on the right is said to be single and available!


It is those who argue that the growing use of anklet by young women and ladies, go hand in hand with a great appreciation of the foot in recent years. In addition to the ankle, in fact, depopulated the ring to toe. Consequently, even the whole foot is healed for more. If in the past it was the manicure to propose new styles and designs, today is so fashionable even pedicure, aesthetic and care. There’s even one who does the nail even the foot. The charm of the hands, the elegance in moving them with grace and harmony seems to have transferred to toe. From here the spread of extreme attitudes appreciation for all that concerns the foot in its entirety. But the news does not end here!

Like all the most bizarre things, it comes from America a very, very special type of anklet that allows you to hook your phone directly on the ankle. Considered most useful by those who for various reasons do not have the bag with him and does not know where to put his inseparable mobile. In fact, even if at first glance it can be considered an object absolutely superfluous, we must admit that the phone is an object from which almost no one hardly ever separates.

So if for example you are in a club, without her purse, fear not, the anklet your special allows you to keep your phone always at. foot … in this case !!!

Where to buy

It is easy to find anklets in almost every accessory shop. The jewelers are full of these ornaments not just in the summer months, when more wear, but throughout the year. As we know to buy an anklet we can use the channel of direct sales, and bring us so personally in the store, or we can make use of on-line purchases, which today are much safer than in the past, especially if we refer to the most reliable and secure sites . By buying direct you can be sure of being able to try the anklet directly before buying, because clearly everyone has a more or less subtle ankle. Some of ankles models propose two or three different sizes, to give the possibility to even the most “plump” to find the appropriate size.

Other brands, however, propose a standard measure. For those who have this kind of problem I recommend you to prefer the direct purchase, so you will be sure that your purchase is right for you. However, those who have no particular subtlety ankle problems can also choose to buy online.

Like all popular fashions of the moment, it is easy to find beautiful anklets from all over the world even in old markets, of course, at lower costs. Rarely found in luxury anklets markets, equipped with real stones. Usually it is less precious materials, but still resistant. Besides, the cost of those anklets reflects the quality.