How to Buy Used Watches: Second Fratello Watches

The market for second hand watches is immense. The success of websites such as Craigslist, Auto Trader, among others, is something indisputable. The market is not out of the negotiations. Even if a watch is a very personal item, at some point people are willing to get rid of your belongs to acquire something more special or more expensive. This week, Robert-Jan Broer, localbusinessexplorer blog, offers a guide to where and how to look for a watch like that.

Before we begin, it is important to understand that the market used is divided into two categories: that of nearly new watches and vintage parts. For this discussion, let’s keep the pieces released from 1990. Everything was released in the 1990 can be considered vintage, although some define vintage as something presented before 1980. Why set this line? Why buy vintage watches requires more expertise and explanation.

Why would you buy a used watch? First, there is the chance to watch you’ve always wanted – or really like – is out of production and is no longer available. In this case, the only chance to get this watch would be in the market for used parts, unless you find an official dealer who has never sold a piece – and chances of that happening are slim.

Another reason would be the depreciation of a second-hand watch. This devaluation, for some brands and models, are more applicable than others. The comparison with cars is not the best of all, since they devalue more than other goods, but here there is a difference between the loss of value of a BMW and an Alfa Romeo. The same is true for watches. The fall of market value is much smaller for a Rolex sports car with steel box than a Chopard women’s quartz. Any watch will suffer any devaluation. It’s up to you to decide how much is acceptable when you consider buying a used clock instead of a brand-new.


Aspects to consider when buying a piece of these deserve to be taken into consideration here. As in a used car, for watches you need to focus on:

Service history
This is not so important if the clock has only one or two years of age, but always ask for maintenance history and also by invoice. As the maintenance for a mechanical watch will cost a considerable value nowadays, so the chances of the seller have thrown this important document are minimal. If there is no note, assume that the clock has no maintenance. Calculate the price to pay for this service yourself and attach this value to the final price and decide whether it is worthwhile to continue with the negotiation. Ask for a quote in a central maintenance officer, or even a trusted watchmaker. Also ask him if he is able to perform maintenance on your watch.


Boxes & papers
If a watch has 30 or 40 years, it is very likely that your box and manuals have been discarded. Then search for a complete set. Of course, if the part you search is special to you and you are sure you don’t sell, you can choose to purchase it without these accessories. Additionally, be sure that you are getting the correct packing of your watch. Or she is at least of the same era. The marks tend to modify their boxes over the years.


Scratches and dents
A watch was made to be used. Even if it cost $ 100 1000, it was designed to be the pulse, not in the drawer. Of course, not all were produced to be used daily. But it’s a shame to see beautiful watches disappear in collections that even see the light of day. A watch that was used will have some risks and even wrinkles. Always ask yourself what kind of shock a watch may have taken to having that kind of “hurt”. Remember that it’s not just the box it takes shocks, but also the movement inside the watch. If your watch has a dent in one of your plugins, means that he fell to the floor and your landing happened at one point wrong. You still need to decide to buy it, especially if you have checked that all the complications are in operation. Keep in mind that the damage may be deeper than just what the eyes see.

In addition, when the hands and indexes are corroded, ask yourself if this didn’t happen with the movement. If possible, and if the clock has not transparent verse, ask the seller if you can see the movement. Take the opportunity to check other signs of damage on the box.



We could go even deeper in this text, but keep in mind one thing: do not consider buying a used watch if you do not have knowledge about the piece you are purchasing. There are shopping and watches guides freely available on the internet, including in the WatchTime Brazil.

After all, where to look? Broer cited at the beginning of the text about Craigslist and AutoTrader, but there are also online platforms for used watches. But there are still options like Chrono24 and WatchRecon. The first official vendors and users lists that offer watches, the second makes a withdrawal within various international forums, saving your time. Keep in mind to check the provenance of the pieces and you’re buying a real clock.

Some of the dealers have a place to exhibit his pieces and allow the user to check the watch in person.


You can also find watches used in official dealers. Are watches of customers who switched for a more expensive part. Ask your dealer about watches used, many of them have a good relationship with your customers and you may know of someone who intends to change his clock.

There are still watches on and offline auctions. You can look all watches offered for sale in advance. However, will be competing with other interested buyers. This can cause the price of your clock up considerably. Don’t forget, too, the costs embedded in the value of the finish.

Finally, always ask about warranty. In the case of a clock used but fairly new, still should be the factory warranty. If you buy from a dealer, it is common that there are between 3 and 12 months warranty on the part you will acquire.