How to Buy LED Flashlight: 5 Tips

Those looking for an LED flashlight, mostly looking not cheap. Meanwhile, there are so many different manufacturers and suppliers of LED flashlights, to have the overview is lost and you annoyed finally bought the wrong thing.

These 5 tips will help mispurchases avoid and select the proper flashlight.

Tip 1: choice of material

The material with a LED flashlight plays a role inconsiderable. Firstly, now it’s the material that you hold in your hand. So what you are touching. But also the weight of the material is not negligible. Not only in hand-LED flashlights, but at or just LED headlamps.

Long life of LED flashlights is often equated with aluminum or stainless steel. Of course, such flashlights are highly resistant to shock. In metals, but you should pay attention to the weight of the LED flashlight. Although aluminum is considered lightweight material, it is not easy, unlike plastics.

Very good lamps are today from Dural (Wikipedia: duralumin), made ​​of aluminum alloy. This alloy is increasingly used in the aerospace sector and has an increased strength and hardness. But this is also reflected in price again.

In LEd headlamps there’s more to the comfort and weight. Here not only the LED lamp should be made of lightweight material, but also the belt should be light yet comfortable to wear. The processing plays a major role here. Pressing it somewhere, the belt should be adjusted. does not resolve the problem, the lamp should be replaced.

Tip 2: Waterproof

Once the LED flashlight to be used outside the 4 walls, the lamp should have a certain water tightness.

At least one splash protection be provided. If you hold the LED flashlight in hand and has with his dog go walkies (see also LED flashlights for dog owners ) should be 7 or 8 given here watertightness to the classes IPX. These classes indicate the degree of water tightness of electrical equipment. IPX7 or IPX8 means here that is protected against temporary immersion lamp. Here, therefore, the lamp can also quiet times fall into a puddle or a pool without going the same broken. ( Source: Wikipedia -> degrees of protection )

Tip 3: Handle the lamp / end bracket at Headlamps

This tip is of course difficult to implement on the Internet. Especially before buying, there is no possibility of the online to testing.

Nevertheless, you should look after purchase and shortly after the receipt of the goods it. How holds the lamp in his hand. Is this comfortable to hold? You can feel the weight in a short time? What is the weight distribution?

Check these questions. If you are taking the lamp, for example when going for a walk with the dog, remember to try it out. You must wear 30 minutes, the air sometimes. Ask yourself whether it is still pleasant and whether the lamp can also keep well in a relaxed arm position.

In Headlamps, the belt and the belt material should be examined. Pressing it somewhere? If you can operate the air quickly and easily? If the LED headlamp hard on the head?

If these questions are not resolved satisfactorily, then send the LEd flashlight or LEd Headlamp easily back and order a new one. Nothing is worse than an avoidable bad buy.

Tip 4: Round LED flashlights avoid trinkets

Everyone knows it, placing a round pencil on the table and it rolls down. The same happens when the LED flashlight is completely round. So be sure that the reflector cap (front) or the battery cap (back) are not round. This prevents the rolling of the air.

Furthermore, a belt clip should be present. Thus, the LED flashlight can be easily attached to the waistband and has then quickly handy.

The battery cap should be shaped so that you can correct the torch upright thereon. This can be useful for illuminating a space or to have them quickly handy.

Tip 5: reflector cover

The reflector cover, so the glass front of the reflector, should really consists of glass. The better models this is scratch-resistant and thus keeps scratches and damage long standing.

Plastic caps are not so resistant and scratch much easier. Thus, the light is scattered and does not give a beautiful photograph more.

Therefore, one should be careful when buying the LEd flashlight that the front glass is actually glass.

These 5 tips protect against bad buys when purchasing the new LED flashlight. Thereby these tips help Choosing the new flashlight.