How to Apply Eye Shadows for Beginners

Here’s a new trick that will make happy all fans of makeup and even the less experienced in the art of make-up.

Many girls complain about not knowing how to make up, then what? Rent a professional make-up artist is quite expensive and it is an option that reserves usually for special occasions.

In this case come to our aid the eye shadows that apply as of stickers!

We had already presented the Eye Majic instant eye shadow via, but today we will find out ColorOn, the brand that has decided to apply the beautiful mineral makeup on some adhesive films, which, when resting on the eyelids, move the color on the eyes comfortably. Are the shadows to stencil of ColorOn: simple, quick to use and comfortable!

In an instant you can have a well-defined eye makeup, flawless and perfectly nuanced in various attractive shades.

Those who have tried these eyeshadow ensures that they are in effect and long-lasting. They have a creamy texture and seeds are easily blendable. Obviously, a makeup expert would know to do better, but this is a workaround!

Also new eye-catching colors are available: zebra, leopard, military color, butterfly wings! There is no end to the imagination. For the more classic and romantic, there are instead simple nuanced shades on soft colors like blue, green, brown, cleverly combined colors and calibrated for a perfect performance.

If you want to discover all the fantasies of the shadows to stencil, visit the web site officer ColorOn. An eye shadow coast to stencil around 18,00 € from Sephora. What do you think of these innovative eye shadow transferable?