How Do I Get Order in My Jewelry Collection?

You do not think there are countless nice ways to store your jewelry in a clear way?Jewelery shop is always looking for you, for new ideas that bring order to every jewelery collection!And even today we have a suggestion for you, which is also easy to tinker.This time, we are working on a simple picture frame, where you can put your own jewelery into the picture.In the video, Marcus explains how you can make this jewelry store yourself.So that you can attach not only earrings , but also chains or bracelets, we have designed hooks.As you can make from simple wire, we show you of course also.

You need this:

  • Picture Frame
  • Metal sheet/perforated sheet, eg made of aluminum
  • scissors
  • pen
  • Hot glue gun
  • side cutter
  • nose pliers
  • silver wire

Step by Step Picture Frame

In addition to the video, there is also a written manual, if you prefer “black on white”.So here again every step is explained individually:

1) Cut the hole plate to the right size.To do this, you take the back plate of the picture frame and transfer the size directly to the sheet using a pencil.Tip:A simple scissors could be enough for cutting if the sheet is thin enough.If the sheet thicker than 1mm you should use a sheet shear better!

2) Now you can insert the sheet in the back of the picture frame.You can remove any existing hooks.They are no longer needed.If necessary, bend the sheet straight.

3) Now you stick the sheet firmly.To do this, use the hot glue gun to place the glue where the sheet metal rests.

Hook for chains and bracelets

1) Take the wire and the round nose.Then “pinch” her with the forceps into the beginning of the wire and bend a few millimeters to a small loop.

2) Then bend in the opposite direction a larger hook.

3) For the attachment to the perforated plate you take again the tip end of the forceps bends again in the other direction.The hook is then “hooked” into the sheet.

4) Cut the remaining wire with the side cutter.

And another idea in our collection for jewelery storage at!Times a different use of a picture frame.Do they like you?