Honor 3C: Prima Prize Crackers

Conclusion: The honor of 3C is one of the best Android smartphones in the test.Despite the low price it offers good times, a 5-inch HD display and cleaner performance.Deposits are only missing features such as NFC, housing reminiscent of cheap and the old version of Android.

Honor is no completely new smartphone company in the true sense, because the Chinese manufacturer is a division of Huawei. Huawei of especially smartphones with solid features and very low price point on the man or the woman wants to bring about the mark of honor. With the debut of honor 3C working out alright time correctly: the Android Smartphone will cost only around 140 euro. There are two slots for SIM cards, one is 3 G and 2 G, which supports other 2 G only, so just to make calls. The LTE version of 3C is announced so far not for Germany. In addition, there is a slot for microSD cards and a removable battery. This delivers a very good talk time of 9:54 hours, as well as a good online runtime of 7:02 hours in our test. The processing is good, we cannot speak of quality material however. The back side of the plastic of honor 3 C feels cheap. Also the internal memory with 8 GByte (approximately 4.7 GB free) is not the umpteenth, and an NFC chip is completely missing the 3C.

Honor 3C: Android Old But Fast

On the Smartphone rather old Android version 4.2.2 and the emotion known from older Huawei phones are installed 2.0 UI. Android is now available in version 5.0 and also the Huawei interface has reached already version 3.0. Apparently, the cheap brand honor software not on a level with Huawei’s should be expensive top models. OS are functional and UI anyway. The most striking feature of the interface is the missing app drawer, all on the lets land applications. Really good, we find the performance. Although the honor is missing that crucial something in terms of pace sometimes, basically it runs however clean and without rough juddering. The SoC by Mediatek and 2 GByte RAM obviously enough the system.

Honor 3C: Display And Camera Test

The screen of the 3C in the diagonal measures 5 inches. Thanks to HD resolution, the LCD is pleasantly sharp, the values for brightness, contrast, and color space measured by us are all in order. A very good display for this price class. We can say the same of the camera. That is pulling out while high trees, good shoots with its 8 Megapixels but especially at day-and art lighting up satisfactory images with beautiful, but unnatural colours. A front-facing camera (2,592 x 1,952 pixel) has also the 3 C.

Honor 3C: Good Acoustics, Poor Ear Plugs

The scope of supply of the 3C is in itself good. In addition to USB cable and power supply is also a stereo headset. That’s high but so bad that it affected the really good sound of the 3 C. Invest better in a different headset. The acoustics on the phone boasts of high volume and clear sound only the handsfree sounds very tinny.

Honor 3C: Alternative

Our also inexpensive alternative is Sony Xperia M2. It costs while around 180 euros, but all that is missing the 3 C provides. The optics of the M2 is clearly noble, the housing is very slim. It also has LTE and NFC support, as well as a more recent Android version. Weaknesses is making the M2 in the test with the camera and the handsfree. The online run with 8:10 hours is very long.