Hi-Call Bluetooth Make Gloves-Hand to Phone

Hi-Fun Hi-call Bluetooth has presented among other things during the IFA in Berlin 2012 gloves. But now in the cold season, the gloves could evolve into a trend.

Via Bluetooth, which connect to high-tech gloves with your Smartphone, allowing that you can call with the typical “call me” gesture.

Had you so far first of all take off the gloves in the cold season , when they received a call on the phone, enough with the Hi-call Bluetooth gloves a finger tip on the control panel in order to answer an incoming call.

Video To The Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves

Make Calls With Your Thumb And Little Finger

The thumb of the Hi-call Bluetooth glove includes a small speaker and small fingers a microphone. So the hand in the high-tech glove is a telephone and you can make a call without having to take the Smartphone in hand. Cold fingersand elaborate gloves pull to dig into the pockets for the Smartphone, thus soon belong to the past. The battery, which supplies the high-tech gloves with the required energy, is housed in the back of the Hi-call gloves.

From Now On The Market

The built-in battery can be charged via USB and to 10 days stand-by time and allow 10 hours of talk time . Also, it can be with the Hi-call Bluetooth operated glovescapacitive Touchscreen display without the gloves must be removed.Starting this month that should Hi-fun Hi-call gloves reach a price starting at 49.95 euros in trade. There are two models available. A version for smaller hands so for women and children and a further execution for man hands.

Hi Call Bluetooth Gloves To Make Calls In The Test

Here my little review phone gloves which us kindly provided to the Hi-call Bluetooth by Alan Electronics available.

The knit material of the gloves is very stretchy and fits the hand so well. I personally have very large hands and still easily fit into. There are also only 2 sizes “one size”and”girl size”. Visually the sizes do not differ however why one should be that when small hands not to pity “girl size” to buy gloves.

Join the glove handsets with the phone is also quite simple. You need to enable only the Bluetooth on the phone and then by pressing the green button on the glove of Bluetooth in the Hi-call device enable according to cyclingenthusiasm. Then on the phone confirm and already the glove itself every time automatically associated with activated Bluetooth, if it is switched on.

A call to accept press only the green button once briefly. Then, thumb, one can hear and talk about the little finger. Looks kinda like saying someone in sign language, you must make a call, but it actually works.

The voice quality is equated with a headset. My conversation partner has understood me and I understand him very well.It would even go, spreads the thumb directly in the ear but only in the near there, but with much noise direct contact is certainly better to understand someone well.

Very handy, I also find that it is possible the last dialed number again call by pressing the green button. So, you can call someone back without cumbersome having to pick out the Smartphone.

But also the control of smartphones with touch-sensitive displays possible dan of woven special threads in the fingertips. Here however press something on the display, so that it works. An undressing of the gloves is not required.