Headbands to Hold Hair Back

Do you have long hair? You want to change your look, but you want to keep your long hair 45 meter? You want a haircut trend for a max of € 5.95 budget? You dreams of the bobo-cool look with Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie but denim slim + loose tank top + loose vest you like especially Lisa Plenske? Looking in vain for a way to ditch your bangs and tame the IPS that earned you the nickname of Fonzi at work? I have the solution: the headbands to hair across the forehead. Tadaaaah!

This is trend and it replaces the headband, wide headbands 60’s or the thin elastic who always eventually slide to the back of the head until further notice. Passing in review the big winners of the season:

-The neon headband
-Band jewelry
-Folk band
-Braid band

Spirit of sport 80’s, often United and color bright, neon headband goes well with a street look, offbeat or evening for déglamouriser a little black dress. UI ui ui to metallized models of American Apparel (more flexible than a thin elastic model), the association banner + ponytail to go to the recycling of the old neon laces and trendy sport.

Left and Center: American Apparel, to the right: Asos.
In the background, headbands, Asos, Topshop and New Look.

All also seeing but richer, the jewelry banner this is the baracoudesque of your hair accessory. Worn as a tiara. On the other hand, models heavy to wear (chain, chain, diamonds, nails), boarf…

Headbands chain and Ribbon found on the net. At the bottom left and top right pictures of Mischa Barton. Lower-right, Asos headband.
Down, headbands Tophop, Asos, and Mango.

Mind very 70’s, folk bands is the romance of small feathers and the tradition of embroidery. Models that go well with long white dresses, ethnic blouses or, in a completely different genre, rock t-shirts, the perfecto and denim jackets. We said yes to the banner stripe (embroidered cotton or pearls), Yes to small feathers and Yes also to thin cords, to wear alone or by two.

Upper-left, Urban Outfitters headbands. Lower-left banner of Visual flowers Gat Rimon. At bottom center, Asos headband. Top-right picture of Zoe Kravitz. Lower-right feathers Urban Outfitters headband. In the background, headbands feathers Asos and Swildens.

Finally, my favorite: the headband that looks like a braid giant but which is a toupee. Of course, have to choose it the same color as her hair, otherwise it works less well (generally proposed blonde, black, Brown and Brown). Tone on tone, it blends in naturally to the hairstyle and so a number of unlimited style. A model to wear as above with the hair up in a bun.

Left Urban Outfitters headband. Downtown look Sarah Wayne. Asos headband right. In the background, headbands Asos and New Look.