Hangouts Allows to Make Group Video Calling for Up to 25 People, But Only for Work

Exactly a month ago that the Group video calling for up to 25 people they came for free to all Skype users, and it seems that alarms have jumped to someone at Google. Finally and after all, one of the greatest advantages of Hangouts was that of the few that could make video calls (and also preinstalled) group in almost all of the Android.

As well, if you had thought let side Hangouts and you switch to Skype because it allows you to video chat with more people, you no longer have do it. Hangouts increases the amount of participants Max in a video call to 25 persons also, although only in Hangouts for Work. Video calls in the Hangouts of a lifetime are now in 10 participants.

Only for companies

Hangouts for work is the “enterprise” version of Hangouts, an integral part of Google Apps. Technically is the same that the Hangouts that you have preinstalled on your mobile, with the exception that in this case works in the intranet of your company upon payment of a minimum of 4 euros per user per month.

Up to now Hangouts for work was limited to 15 people group video calling, so update includes 10 more people until you reach 25. There is always the possibility of including more “listeners” on a call, but cannot participate. In addition, only the 10 most active people they appear in the bottom bar of participants.

The regular version of Hangouts remains stuck in the 10 participants, without news of having intended to increase the number. Be available in Hangouts for Work is clear that it is not a technical question, so I will probably keep the difference as incentive to use Google Apps instead of the free version.