Handbags Guess Original

The Guess bags is the modern way of North American designers, the fashion touch of British and sophistication of Italian. But the brand has French nationality, land that has launched and continues to place the large market mada names like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, among other giants of the past and present. That’s why the Guess handbags are a mix between the traditional and the modern, with great touches of elegance.

The brand was created by brothers Armand, Georges, Maurice and Paul Marciano, who started out as most designer handbags manufacturers today with fashion. The first creation was family ties. With success they were venturing into social shirts, sweaters and other pieces of basic clothing. A different cut and sophisticated models made Guess grow every year since its inception in the 70s, making it a luxury brand on the zipcodesexplorer today.

Models of Guess Handbags

Is that why Guess is a brand invests only in handbags, the best style luxury madame? Truth is not. The French brand is based to create their models in the utility, the use of its models on a daily basis and therefore side bags with short handles is the major focus of Guess.

Most models focuses on the total combination, so there is always a basic black bag for collection, but changes are always welcome. Following the trends, bright colors always appear in summer fashion and the lighter colors and winter sober tones. The most common brand colors are brown, black, beige and cream. There is almost always neutral combinations so basic that are as blue and black, blue and beige and gray and graphite. They are colors for day to day even.

There are still cluthes, the darlings handbags that cannot miss fancier occasions, is not it? And travel bags with several feminine touches and wider handbags. The basic models side are great, some almost maxi bags, with various compartments to organize the various things that do not know how, they fit in a woman’s purse.

All models are released in parades of their own brand or a formal presentation to the press, with parades and accessories included in shows of famous designers. Fashion weeks always have bags Guess in Brazil and worldwide.

Guess Bags Prices

As a designer, you can not expect to pay in a Guess purse under $ 400. Even older models are around $ 500 to R $ 700. If a newly released collection, may be in the list of world’s most expensive and so it is not easy to get scholarship.

Handbags Guess Original

Like any famous brand and a luxury brand, Guess is extremely copied and so it is common to find piracy of brand handbags. To differentiate, we must pay attention to product details. One of the most important features is to have the G made of metal without falling color. If you fall, it’s jewelry and so it is not original.

All Guess handbags have a liner and more resistant. It is not easy to copy it. The product serial number, proving that it is the same original is inside the liner, sometimes within the liner and sometimes at the bottom. A quality certificate also comes with the product.

The place of purchase will also be a great indicator if it is an original or not play. Guess bags, even for its price. It is not sold in popular shopping streets. Also it never costs less than R $ 400. If you have G in front, emblazoned with the symbol of the brand and cost little, it’s not even original, without a doubt.

In addition to being a luxurious and modern designer clothes, Guess products other well-known products on the market. For women’s fashion, its focus is clothing and handbags, but already has the brand perfume, sunglasses, shoes and wallets. There are shops authorized to sell the brand, but most of its products are sold in stores, sold in several countries.