Gucci Children’s Clothing Line

Babies and children, welcome the word of Gucci. That’s right, babies and children welcome to Gucci world.

The Gucci launched a line of children’s clothing. After all, small also deserve all this glamour of the brand that was given only to adults. In Brazil is expected to reach the collection at the end of 2011, but if you moms are too eager to wait until then, it’s worth making a visit in Gucci’s official website and check out all the charm of the collection to the public.

The Gucci collection line of children’s clothing, will meet children from 0 months to 8 years. The collection for babies is a MIME, plays super minis with lots of charm, to children over 2 years, the models follow characteristics of adult parts, all with great style. Small certainly will when they are dressed in pieces of this brand, real miniature adults, squandering all the charm and elegance wherever they pass.

Apart from clothing, Gucci children’s clothingline, brings the collection in footwear and acessoríos, both for a girl as for boys.

For girls collection of children’s clothes, in capri leggings, sweatshirts, jackets and tops, dresses, jeans. The footwear collection brings the rain boots, sneakers, sandals and sneakers.

The boys collection of children’s clothing, skinny jeans, pants with pockets straight, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, polos, jackets in various models, sweatshirts and sueters. For the collection of shoes, shoes loafers, boots, shoes and slippers.

The collection is really chic and fashion, the detail is that prices won’t make it very affordable for the pockets.