Google Play Lets Companies Create Private Channels of Applications

Android is moving forward at a rapid pace in order to be a serious option for companies, offering a level of security and personalization as few. But now go one step further beyond, and so will offer Google Play in an option that many companies will be very useful and interesting for employees and customers.

So far to move an app to your customers and employees the best way was to pass a link to download a file. apk. This made that they saw forced to accept applications from unknown sources and have to tell every time you update the application, with which many times were running outdated applications.

The big news is that now you can use Google Play private channels. This allows to upload applications intended only for customers or employees of a company. In order to access such applications must be registered with corporate email as well as the Google account that is normally used.

This will allow the advantages of Google Play, such as automatic update of applications and reliability extra, in addition to save space on the servers. With this Android has positioned itself as a good option to the time of use in the corporate environment.