Google Play Artist Hub Also Arrives to Spain, Artists Can Already Sell Your Music in Google Play

Today Google Play Music opens in Spain, with its sale of music and synchronization in the cloud, but is not the only Google service related to the music that reaches our territory, also Google Play Artist Hub has done.

While Google Play Music is intended for consumers Google Play Artist Hub is intended for artists, since it is the tool that Google offers to the singers and music group for can directly sell their music to Google Play without having to go without intermediaries or record.

With a one-time payment of $25 artists can claim or create your page in Google Play, fill in your biography, add a photo, links and add original songs that are on sale, anadendo the cover of the album, set the price you want, apply their offers, etc…

Google Play could become the ideal showcase so that many artists are known, and in addition, will be up to 70 percent of the benefits, much more than what most of the singers are with labels.

We hope this initiative will have a good reception by the singers and musicians and not take much to know thanks to Google Play new talent.