Google Play 3.10.9 Store, Improvements in The List of Wishes and Recommendations, Button to Translate and More

Google Play Store has begun to update today to version 3.10.9 devices Android to add new features. At the moment only we have found four new features that were not present in the previous version.

In Google Play Store 3.10.9 added in the wish list button to remove that content that either we do not not directly from there, or don’t have to click on it to open its description and uncheck it.

In the list of personalized recommendations we can add friends to our Google + circles to get the apps that they like, which are those that have marked with a + 1.

Another novelty is that they have added a new window that will get when we give you to install an application, which shows applications that tested other users who also installed this application along with a new button to continue buying us back to view of download the application.

And finally have added a button in some applications to translate your description, although this functionality does not appear in all applications, it seems that the developer have to activate so it appears.