Girls Baby Swimsuit

Which swimsuit to choose for your baby? What are the most common models for girls? Follow the guide!

The different baby swimsuits for girls

Baby jerseys are single-piece jerseys with thin shoulder straps, or combi-short bath suits with long sleeves.Girls’ swimsuits can have ruffles at the shoulders or at the pants:an aesthetic asset!There are also swimwear dress, with a real dress that covers the jersey.

2 piece baby swimsuits are more rare, as they are less practical.When your daughter gets bigger, she can put on all types of swimsuits.

A swimsuit for baby can have different options:UV anti-UV jersey for good sun protection , floatation jersey for more safety in the water, or diaper jersey to avoid leakage !Some options can also be combined (anti UV + integrated buoys for example).

Crazy for little girls swimsuits

In the colors and patterns, of course you will find many pink jerseys, but not only.Blue, yellow or orange, what is sure is that baby bathing suits are colored.The colors attributed to the girls are rather clear and full of sweetness.

The patterns on the jerseys are adapted to the world of your baby.Your little girl can display, on her jersey, flowers, fruits, butterflies, hearts, animals, or the image of her favorite cartoon character.There are also polka dot and striped swimwear.

Choose a practical and aesthetic swimsuit for your baby, possibly with options anti UV, layer or buoy. Select especially a jersey that will be comfortable for your little girl.