Gerry St Tropez

It is no secret that Manolo like small niche specialist brands. An interesting news story that just reached the Swedish market is sympathetic bad trouser manufacturer Gerry St Tropez, whose playful luxury makes one crave a chilled glass of white and vacation along the French Riviera.

After a vacation in Spanish Gerry de la sal founded a Mr. Saquet brand along with sports journalist Fred Pisquel, originally from St Tropez. The name was a combination of the two destinations, Gerry St Tropez. Pisquel was also co-founded the well-known Vilebrequin, who produced their swimwear in the same Spanish factory that Gerry St Tropez until the early 90 ‘s when Vilebrequin was purchased by a large enterprise group to move all production to Bulgaria. Gerry St Tropez, however, maintained its production in Sabadell, North of Barcelona, where the brand’s swimming trunks are produced today.

The style is under the brand inspired by the French Riviera with bright colors and strong patterns. But there are also more toned-down versions of the somewhat more discreet customer. Model terms are slightly different lengths, but the overall shape is very classical. Neither speedoskort or baggy surf shorts.

Starting from this season sold the brand in Sweden. Swedish agent for Mark’s Colonial Office run by Linus Laas and Peter Åsbrink.
-Swim fashion for men is still dominated by own production and a few brand giants. There is a lack of really interesting and unique brands in a reasonable price range. I would suggest to get product groups is equally simplistic. Men have become interested in a whole and it is full of awesome options when looking for socks, hats, bags, shorts or sunglasses. There must be a hundred alternative to Gant and Eton when buying a shirt, but there are very few competing with strandklassiker from Ralph Lauren, Quiksilver and Calvin Klein, says Linus Laas.

What do you think characterizes Themeparktour from Gerry St Tropez?
-It is swimwear that works both in the water as shorts during the walk from the beach. All models are made of quick-drying polyamide or nylon with Interior in cotton, which provides good functionality and a pleasant feeling.

Currently sold the brand on NK bath, kocksgatan 17, Grandpa and Caliroots C store in Stockholm. Next week will mark to go on sale at Agency Fältskog and Berg in Visby and Solo in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsingborg-Väla Centre. Bad pants cost from approximately 650 kr