Geometric 3D – Schmuck by Bza

These filigree crafted pendants of the Berlin bza product designer have been created in the 3D-Druck-Verfahren and made from different materials. Meanwhile, not only shapes made of plastic can be realized with 3D, but also metals, such as this golden Polyhedra made of brass.

Geometric 3D 3

Using conventional methods such as the goldsmithing or injection molding, it is also difficult to realize more complex shapes and cutouts. Due to the layered structure in the 3D printing the forms nested in itself and cut-outs are easy to deal with. Thus, the procedure above all for young innovative designers and for the production of prototypes is interesting.Learn more about the 3D printing technology.

In contrast to the metal ball chain are the edgy necklace of an absolute eye-catcher. By geometrical minimalism, the pendants perfect value to a simple outfits with skinny jeans and black T-Shirt.

Geometric 3D 2

The pendant made of white plastic represents a conceptual work and plays with the letter>A<in different fonts. The result is an Oriental-looking piece of jewelry, what fascinates by its shape. 3D printing enables the intricate recesses by the form is built up bit by bit.

bza’s concepts for jewelry are often unusual. So also his idea, which is behind the frequency ranges. Everyone can contact with his favorite song at bza. The designer traded the frequencies of the songs, and the passage in the song, then a wave form, which forms the shape of the pendant. Either this waveform can be implemented through Plexiglass or wood Windows or as on the pictures below to see a complete metal piece printed in 3D.

Geometric 3D 1

bza , E.g. the Pearl bracelethas more work in his jewelry collection, which are developed in the 3D besides the chains trailers. Learn more about the Designer bza, or look directly into his Web shop!