Galaxy Touch Edge Is No Gimmick

Touch edge in Germany now sells his fascination of curves Galaxy Samsung. The smart phone with the extra display in the test in the curved side shows that it is more than a gimmick. The first news app that uses the extra screen is by n-tv.

Long time it was not sure whether touch edge in Germany will sell Samsung Galaxy unveiled early September at the IFA in Berlin at Electronicsmatter, or whether the smart phone with single-sided curved screen is only a study, only in small quantities in South Korea on the Market comes. But after himself in a PR-action more than 160,000 people spoke out for it, is to have the unusual device now in Germany. Currently it offers “as long as stocks last” Samsung as Premium Edition for around 900 euros. Lot of money for a smart phone, even if a microSD card 64 gigabytes and a protective case included. From 1 January it should be freely available in the trade. Worth the purchase?

Technically is the device mostly with the Galaxy rated 4 identical and it has also the same refined S pen functions. The display, which bends to the right makes all the difference. It looks great and feels even fantastic. The finger would no longer stop to slide over the smooth roundness and looking again and again from the side on the screen, which is so different than all other smart phone displays.

More Space On The Home Screen

But the screen would be just bent the fascination for this could be to probably quickly and simply much money for an unusual design had been spent. But Samsung has expanded the display not only side to 160 pixels, but uses the extra space on the side for a separate display that creates space. The edge displays incoming notifications on the page display and users can drop either individually or in folders your favorite apps. So the bottom bar contacts, telephone etc. and email does not apply for the homescreen or SMS is no info window about current apps. And: the bar is always to achieve, without which an application must be interrupted.

Considering the extra screen down, you have quick access to dictation, flashlight, eggs – and stop watch, and a ruler. By a wiper upwards, one comes to the settings of the display of the page, where users have the option to add more panels and to manage them.Among others, contact Favorites, Twitter trends, pedometer, Yahoo News or Samsung’s calendar S Planner in the offer are. Between the panels to change easily by you cancelling your finger left or right.

The first German news app that touch edge provides the extra display of the Galaxy with content, is by n-tv. Users can there see the headlines or the latest stock quotes and quick access to more information from there.

The Left Hand Is Doing Hard

Still, there are not many apps that take advantage of the bar. If the concept but prevails, more developers could soon take a look to the page. The page display as very practical has emerged in the test. Especially fast access to favorite apps, without leave having an application’s class. It supports also the one hand operation of the large Smartphone. But only if it is in the right hand. You hold it with your left hand, you have no chance to reach the bar with your thumb. And Samsung could come up with more functions for the lock screen.

Not only the lateral momentum is excellent managed Samsung. The display itself is absolute top class. With QHD resolution, has the main screen how the Galaxy note an extremely high pixel density of more than 500 ppi, can shine brightly, shows realistic color, great contrast and black levels, and offers only a slight green tinge even at extreme viewing angles.

Processing is fine, a metal frame has the curved display without any gaps and no button is shaking. The back plastic leather look somewhat tarnishes the high quality impression. But finally ensures a Removable rechargeable battery, touch resistant and the plastic lid fits perfectly without knarzen to.

Under the magnificent display works as in the Galaxy, note 4 in the German version has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, the three gigabytes of memory to the page. According to smart, is the device to the point and shines in benchmark tests such as AnTuTu or Geekbench 3. The battery is somewhat scarce with 3000 Mah and playful or long days, one is happy to have a quick charge feature that fills the battery in about 30 minutes to the half. The display brightness at 50 percent, remains nearly two days without plug are in there.

Trigger In The Page Display

The 16 mega pixel camera with optical image stabilizer seems that same as in grade 4. The quality of their images is generally very good, focuses fast and triggers almost without delay. Class is that here too the page display is used. Samsung has placed on the shutter button, settings, and shortcuts. As the grade 4, the edge has a bright front camera that provides images with 3.7 megapixels and can make groups Selfies.

Below-the-line touch edge succeeded once again a Smartphone Samsung with the Galaxy, which many imitators could take as the first note. The extra display in the bent page display not only look, but is also convenient and offers exciting new opportunities. To do this, the Smartphone shows the same S-pen qualities like all touch devices. The price is but fancy, also with the extras of the Premium Edition. Whether he so strongly will decline in the future as other Samsung champions may be doubted, and that is to exclusively touch edge. But that’s also a part of his appeal.