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Footwear Footwear – Online Shopping Facility, Promotion Tips – Ease and convenience at the time of purchase has always been something valued by many women who, less and less have time to search in physical stores for news and things they need to buy. With the evolution and accessibility of technology and shopping sites becoming more and more secure, nothing better than filling your cart virtually, in the comfort of your home, or even at work, in the minutes you have available.

Thus thousands of physical stores have invested in the assembly of sites, not only to promote the brand, but also to sell their products, making an online store, which sometimes provides advantages to the user, as points that, with a certain quantity, can be exchanged for other products.

Online stores have been a great advantage for entrepreneurs by centralizing it, making it easier to maintain and customer service, and also to disseminate access to the product because it is not up to the establishment to be physically close to you. Of course there are problems, in question for example of footwear and clothing, where there are numbers that are not yet standardized! It can create confusion at the time of purchase, but many stores get out of this discomfort by making the first free exchange, or above so many real expenses.

I already bought clothes and shoes online and I do not regret, in the case of the clothes it was necessary to change the numbering of a pair of pants that I bought at Hering online and I did not even have to pay for the return, they gave me a code to be presented in the mails that they sent without no cost for me to the mailbox of the store. In the blouses I already knew my numbering, because I already have some of the store and all the pieces produced by the brand have standard size.

As I love trends and they usually follow the present seasons, a great deal is imperdible, but they are hard to come by for season’s products that are in force, but they do exist! I am really addicted to shoes and since last year the corturnos that are boots with shoelace are super high, I wanted to buy them madly, because they combine with many winter clothes being really wild when it comes to putting on a look.

So, I started to search the internet and found beautiful pairs of darling on the site out site. I fell in love at first sight, I bought one of the brand Desmond that had just my number 35 and best of all, for only $ 99.99, with the freight, because as I paid the view, they give a 5% discount and the freight It was about R $ 5.00 and it cost R $ 98,00 in total!

The website of Footwear Footwear is super reliable and has super deals of any kind of shoes, met him at the end of 2011 because my sister bought a beautiful peep toe for a wedding party and ran everything ok. Since then I do not lose the promotions of the site and I have already executed several buy, always with the greater efficiency and cordiality of the same ones.

At in the Footwear area, you will find men’s, women’s, children’s and youth shoes. A wide variety of shoe brands with launch prices and promotional prices are sold at Passarela Calçados, being delivered throughout Brazil with a freight charge. In addition to footwear, Passarela sells clothes, accessories, bags, bags in promotions or launch, check out the online site of

The payment when buying at out site, can be done on credit cards installment, bank deposit and bank statements.