Five Tips for Buying a Watch

Recently, you read here in Brazil a matter in which WatchTime Robert-Jan Broer, Fratellowatchessite, gives five tips for buying a vintage watch. Today, you’ll see a few more tips, but now on new parts.

He states that while produces its texts, tends to forget that not all readers are geeks by clocks or deep piddle on the subject. This item is not required when purchasing a watch. But these tips are valuable if you intend to purchase one in the future.

Let’s start assuming that you already have in mind a specific brand and also a model. Keep these five tips in mind when you are about to purchase it.

  1. Ask about after-sales service
    Like a car, a watch also needs maintenance. Or – also as a car-a clock can break. Mechanical watches are partly made and assembled by human hands. It can happen to something having gone wrong in the process. In addition, let it drop or hit it on a door can affect you. Even more than a quartz powered watch. Then, at some point it will need to be repaired.

Ask the seller if he has an authorized service center, or if it must be sent to the manufacturer. The second option can take longer, but it’s like a SPA for a wristwatch. It is also important to ask how long a repair can take. You can get this information in forums of watchmaking. Some brands are with your watch for months, says Broer from experience, and it didn’t even have many complications.

Last but not least, ask about the costs of reviews and services. Some manufacturers are transparent and list in a table costs on their own sites. Be sure to think about these prices. The author states that he often receives e-mails from people who complain of the high cost of maintenance of the watches.

  1. Negotiate
    Authorized dealers often use pre-established prices for their watches. However, there’s always a margin to negotiate the value. Be informed of the average value of a watch before entering the store to bargain. In addition, don’t compare oranges with apples. Internet prices may be unauthorized dealers on the black market. They have different rules about warranties, service and repairs. In any case, feel free to negotiate. If you are not comfortable with the discount offered, try somewhere else. You can even negotiate about getting an extra bracelet, or a reel, for example.
  2. Additional Costs
    We already told you about maintenance costs. But you have to keep in mind that, when buying a watch with leather bracelet, her shift will be more frequent than maintenance. Be sure to ask about the price of a bracelet for replacement. They may vary between a few tens or even hundreds of dollars, according to the material used. Also be aware that the clocks are more expensive each year (as a rate of inflation, but quite different from the adjustments that you receive on your salary annually). This rule also applies to the prices of accessories such as bracelets and belt buckles. In any case, this should not walk on your business. It is possible to achieve very good and beautiful bracelets from third parties as well.
  3. Build a relationship with the seller
    So, you bought a new clock in a good salesman, who made you a good price and still left him comfortable thanks to its in-house service center for repairs or maintenance. Cherish this seller from now on. He will do the same with you. Ask them if they carry out some events and if you can be added to their mailing list. The truth is that this will not be your last watch. Buy a mechanical watch can be the beginning of an addiction. Having a good relationship with a dealer and a watchmaker is very important from this moment. Not just for the negotiation of prices in the future, but to receive and be aware of the news, or even a visit to the factory of your watch. A number of authorized resellers take some action to please your customers and show that they offer added value, unlike outsourced, which give good discounts and have a limited range of services.
  4. You change to watch as a change of clothes?
    OK. You have your watch a few months ago and came to the conclusion that:
  • really want another clock with the complication of phases of the Moon the seller to show you;
  • bored of blue dial and now want one with black dial;
  • want an automatic movement instead of a manual, since you forgot to give the rope morning yes, morning
  • do you feel that you should have bought the watch brand X or brand Y;
  • don’t like mechanical watches.

Of course there are more alternatives in this list, the fact is that you should inform yourself of the resale value of the piece before buying it. So, actually, this should be the number one tip instead of the fifth. Broer always tends to compare watches the cars (even if the vehicles are a worse investment). He uses as an example Italian brand Alfa Romeo. They design great sports cars and have a lot of fans. However, the fall in value is sharp and she starts at the exact moment the car leaves the dealership. You should really enjoy these cars to handle the depreciation alone. This is more or less the same philosophy with clocks. If you are purchasing watches-icon brands such as Submariner, Nautilus, Speedmaster Pro, Royal Oak, Navitimer, you can rest assured. But if you’re going to buy a watch from a small factory which hardly anyone knows, keep in mind the delay to sell it and the big drop in its price.

The good news is that, like the cars, the market that have had owners is huge. You can try to negotiate at your dealer (or, at least, he can direct you to someone who is willing to buy your watch), or sell it on its own in travelationary or in sale of watches.