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Headphones are available in Brazil for less than $ 100

Buying a good and cheap headset can be a difficult task.But JBL and Philips sell in Brazil for less than $ 100 two models that, taking into consideration the price, perform satisfactorily when compared to other items in the category.They are, respectively, the C300 and the SHL3060.

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When faced with the price of the products, it is quite possible that the user is in doubt when choosing.But do not worry: we analyze the key features of headphones like design, sound quality, warranty, availability and price to help you choose the most cost-effective option.Check out the comparative below.

Design: Philips SHL3060

The JBL headset has a fairly sturdy structure and looks very sturdy.According to the manufacturer, it is self-adjusting, has upholstered cushions that offer comfort and, therefore, is ideal to be used for prolonged periods.It is lightweight, weighs 160g, and its 1.2m cable should be long enough not to pull the phone from your pocket or prevent the user from listening to music while charging the device.Although it looks a bit rough, all these factors give the C300 an interesting design.

But the Philips handset wins this category.This is because, although its metallic structure seems more fragile, it is a more portable and compact handset than the competitor .It weighs 120 g and can be folded for anyone who needs to carry or store it in tighter locations.You can find it in several colors like blue, white, black and red.Its cable also measures 1.2 m and it also brings shells with cushions to give more comfort to the user.

Sound quality: JBL C300

In terms of sound quality, the JBL headset is the winner.Frequently from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and impedance of 32 Ohms, it will probably have a cleaner sound than Philips, which has a frequency of 10 Hz to 22 Khz and an impedance of 24 Ohm.The SHL3060 even has an above-average impedance for headphones in this price range, but the C300 manages to exceed that value and therefore becomes a very interesting option for a cheap headset.

In addition, both have potential for good sound insulation: the Philips headset with its acoustics closed;the JBL with the shells that fit the size of the ears.

Warranty and availability: JBL C300

Both products are quite available online retail.It was not difficult to find either of the two in the stores we searched for.Although the Philips handset can be purchased in several colors, it loses in this respect because of its warranty: the manufacturer only offers six months for the user.JBL, for its part, has a one-year warranty, which is a reasonable time in case the product has a defect that requires replacement or free service.Point for JBL in this regard.

Price: Philips SHL3060

The similarity between prices is the main reason why these headphones are being compared.There is no value discrepancy between the two products.Even so, the Philips handset is cheaper.The lowest price we found the JBL C300 was $ 62, while the Philips SHL3060 can save $ 10 compared to the competitor, costing from $ 52. It is not a big difference, but it can be the user who wants to save as much as possible.

After all, which one is worth more?

The Philips handset is cheaper and therefore may be the primary choice of some people.The more portable design and the variety of colors can also make a difference.But it’s important to take into account that the JBL headset can offer a more interesting sound experience and, in addition, it has a better guarantee, which would leave the user more assured if he finds that the product does not deliver the quality it promises.That way, despite its rather crude appearance, it may be a more attractive option for those who prioritize sound to design.

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