Fashion Secrets Special Valentines Men’s Underwear

We all know that men like to enjoy a beautiful lingerie in a woman, but will they know that women also like they watch the wear under your clothes?

If you don’t, you know Wed women valued as much or more than the way you wear under your clothes.

Don’t panic because for being Valentine’s day the language explains what women want when it comes to men’s underwear.

To Avoid Failures at the Time of Purchase Have in Mind the Following Factors:

Quality-choose quality parts, fabrics, immune to the cotton lint # in doubt, it is always a good option.

Colors-choose solid colors or basic black people blue and light gray, white, for the boxers can choose flat pieces or with male standards as stripes and chess, in the madness some themes but only for special occasions, stockings will opt for plain or with a small chic pointing. Colorful Boxer shorts and socks of BD are cute in adolescents, not men.

Sensual and Creative–before venturing try to figure out if your partner likes and if you like what the guy who likes, is that most women prefer low-key, it is better to guess what some boxers hide than find out all at once. Leave the transparencies and the bows for women please.

Format -choose your underwear or boxers fair not only for being more beautiful, but because they are better for your health and help to counteract the effect of gravity via Ruizesolar.

Time to Put On:

Conjugate-I know this may seem hard to you, but it never hurts to wear underwear/boxer pants color, especially if you go with a white linen trousers are very cute actor type, as long as you don’t see black underwear underneath.

Select the Socks–if they have in consideration the colors and patterns on the purchase will prevent many problems later, but if you didn’t do this or if any aunt you offered some socks at balls or with Superman, save them for when you have children , in crazy sleep with them when they’re alone.

If you have a lot, but even a lot of style can use colored stockings but eximiamente well combined with any outfit.

Watch the Type of Footwear:

Sports tennis-as the name indicates ask sport socks.

Casual shoes-as the name indicates ask casual socks, i.e. those indicated for the day-to-day.

Casual shoes-once again, ask for casual socks.

Formal shoes-ask for stockings, calls socks in fact, formal and classic.

Moccasins-no socks, read fine without socks, if you can’t walk without socks don’t use or opt for wearing socks veiled, some socks that cover only the back of the foot and toes.

Sandals and flip flops/Beach Sports–Without socks of any kind or form (it should not be necessary to write it). I know they say that is fashionable but forget!

And forget the socks pulled up to the cinnamon when are shorts, that only applies if they are playing football.

Undershirts Yes or No?

No! The undershirts aren’t pretty, or charming or elegant.

The only that if they admit are the cotton cavas, perfectly finished and with that characteristic corrugated and we like especially in white.

If you do need to use a play underneath the shirt/sweater, opt for using basic plain white t-shirts, black, blue, gray or the same color as the outside, or sweatshirts. Some brands offer sets of boxers/undershirt but more like t-shirts.

Never use traditional singlets and thick, they lose all the charm.

Briefs? Never! At any Time.

I leave you examples of what to wear and what not to wear.

A note that story that women enjoy looking at a man in Boxer shorts/underwear and socks is not valid for all, there is that I don’t like seeing men with stockings, and never, never forget to take your socks off at the moment of truth (You know what I mean).