Fashion Bracelets

The Accessories are so important in the visual composition about the clothes. A look apparently basics like jeans and a t-shirt, the pair can win other ares thanks to necklaces, scarves or shoes. And these adornments can also cause a result completely over! Therefore, must be selected with the same care that we have with the clothes.

Fashion Bracelets 3

As well as those ground rules that the lowest should avoid long skirts and the more slender are best in horizontal stripes, jewels and costume jewelry also have some specific indications.


Each season, the major brands invest more and more in their lines of accessories, which dictate trends reflected internationally.
This winter, the highlights are the bracelets. And pay close attention, because the’rules’are subverted, allowing dare as ever. Most modern women are going to love what’s coming.


Heavy bracelets and bracelets take attendance in fashion shows brands such as Chanel, Dior, Oscar de La Renta, Roberto Cavalli and Vera Wang and certainly will be guaranteed on the wrists of the most attuned this winter.

The tip is to invest in bracelets with applications and mix of delicate materials and bracelets, but to be used in large quantities and with larger models, providing contrasting proportions, materials and textures.

Fashion Bracelets 2


That is, the trend reasserts the maxi-acessórios. Therefore, anyone who wants to is released out into the streets with the forearm taken by adornamentos.
The rule is the more, the better. The amount can vary depending on the taste of each one. The minimum is three bracelets. Already the most, it’s up to you to define.

Oscar De La Renta

The important thing is to remember to always follow your personal style. Many designers have invested in ethnic accessories (in the case of Chanel and Dior) or with references to elements of nature (as Oscar de La Renta and Roberto Cavalli). But if these threads do not have to do with you, do not use just for the fact of being fashionable. Pan until you find pieces that truly represents your personality. After all, this is the great cheap accessories, point out your own style!

You know that old rule of not mixing gold with silver pieces? You can forget for a while! This winter the mix of materials is considered ‘ super-moderno ‘ BAMA will be who match the tone of the accessories.

Fashion Bracelets 1

Roberto Cavalli

Another tip is to merge the new with the old. In short, use modern jewelry with vintages, which can be found at thrift stores or rescued from Grandma’s closet. The idea is the great mix of bracelets (mixing materials, textures, colors and ages of decorations).

Who is afraid of vent and end up overdoing it in time to compose the look of clothes + accessories, you can bet on the ends. If the desire is to abuse the bangles, for example, choose Basic garments, in sober tones (black, white, nude, gray…) and storm in bracelets and bangles. A pair of sunglasses, scarf, purse or shoe they shall finalise the visual without charging too much.

Vera Wang

The winter will be very liberal, enjoy! To make the most of this opportunity–you can’t predict when it will be fashion, don’t be afraid to dare. Remembering just to stay true to your style.