Facebook Not like Competition, Blocked a Rival Advertising Whatsapp and Messenger

In love and war, anything goes, a phrase that apparently also applies to the war of messaging applications. In this race where Facebook has numerical advantage, if we take into account the users of Messenger and WhatsApp, but no figures seem to relax the least. Enemies, or water.

If you do just a few months to WhatsApp lost it “mysteriously” links in messages to the web page of Telegram, today the news goes on Facebook advertising. Anyone with a credit card and something that advertising can quickly create an ad on Facebook to promote a post, win fans or clicks to your website, among other actions. Anybody? Apparently No, if you are competition to WhatsApp Messenger.

Hike Messenger, an Indian-origin messaging application authors, have reported that Facebook them has denied to create ads on Facebook with links to their website. After trying it several times without success, they decided to contact Facebook to know the motive, because they believed that it could be a mistake. Well, isn’t that certain services may not advertise on Facebook, and that includes Hike Messenger, presumably for its quality of competition.

This maneuver is quite pointless, since Facebook can do whatever you want with ads showing on your own network, and in fact this option is well stipulated in the Ad policies, paragraph 5 of “Stuff you should know”.

We reserve the right to reject, approve, or delete any ad, at our own discretion and for the reason that we deem appropriate, including ads that affect in a negative way to our relationship with users or to promote content, services or activities contrary to our position against the competition, our interests or our advertising philosophy.

In any case, by very legal to be, is not too ethical. If Facebook is really pleased with the quality of your applications like Messenger and WhatsApp, should not be afraid of some of its users have a look at the competition, and over payment will be afraid to discover that there are better applications “out there”?