Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are currently the most economical and environmentally cleanest light source. If gradually replace all the old incandescent light bulbs in the home LED lights, energy saving will be relatively large. We will advise you on what is in the selection of E27 LED bulbs main focus through Ledbulbbay.

Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs

Color temperature

Perhaps the most important criterion when selecting LED bulb color temperature of light. Thus, if the light is more white and cold will work, or whether the bulb glows with warm shades of orange. For LED bulbs are generally classified into two colors – warm white (approx. 2800 – 3300 K – more yellow light) and cool white (5000 K above – more white light). Warm white light is more similar to incandescent lamps, cold white is subjectively colder around a lamp. Generally, the colder white light belongs to the den or the kitchen, warmer tones of light, then use the room and in the bedroom.

Color rendering index

LED light creates on a physical principle than conventional Edison lamp. You will not find them in a filament and light is created using electroluminescence. LEDs produce light of the principle of narrow spectrum – monochromatic. White color is then achieved using various technical tricks. That is why at the LED light sources encounter with the concept of color rendering index (CRI), which characterizes how a given LED will perceive the colors of illuminated objects. The color rendering index indicates the number without units, it being understood that the value of 100 is equivalent to conventional bulbs.

If you will have a CRI LED bulb is less than 80 colors in the interior lighting you will already feel a little distorted. And it can have a negative impact on your sleep rhythm and psyche. CRI value can be found mostly on the packaging of bulbs. Anything under 80 not to take.


The performance of conventional bulbs is stated in watts, and they already have somewhat experience how much roughly lights 100W and 40W incandescent bulb. For LED lamps, their light output measured in lumens (lm) – lumens. Generally, the LEDs well replace older weaker bulbs. More brighter LED bulbs are more expensive. As a compensation equivalent to 100W bulbs you need to buy a LED light with a luminous flux of 1521 lm (60 W – 806 lm 40 W – 470 lm).