Ellus Leather Jacket: Meet News

Certainly one of the brands of clothes that are always innovating is the Ellus, always rocking with male and female subjects.
And what about the Ellus leather jackets, perfect, maybe it doesn’t set, for those who have not seen the new collection is better run, and who has seen is good look again more closely, there’s certainly one that fits you.
The Ellus is always giving lessons on innovation, when you say they didn’t have more to do in terms of jackets, the tag appears giving a show.
Always see the canvases, walkways or casually some celebrity with one of these jackets.
In addition to the classics that are a milestone, there is also the colorful with vibrant colors and bright,
Are found in colors, yellow, green, red, blue, pink and Silver metallic.
I’m pretty sure that if we could we would have one of each color, it’s very hard to decide because of the amount of templates and the beauty of all the pieces, each one with your beauty in particular.
These jackets combine with all styles of clothes, you get caught by surprise by the cold and don’t know what to wear on top of the dress, use one of those jackets that you can’t miss.


1.To go to the ballad they’re perfect, go well with loose dresses, righteous or long, with tight pants and pantaloons too, also can be used with sainhas and Daisy Dukes.
The short jackets lend an air of girl and are super charming, the long give appearance of being thinner, lengthens and gives elegance.
Ellus perfecto jacket enough used by famous, short model, zipper on the side and open collar, combine with several dresses and various models of pants.
Female jackets usually have marked thus giving more waist shape and reinforcing the femininity with a lot of sensuality.
The metallized are perfect for those who want to steal the show at the events, they light up in their tracks.

2.Has the ecological leather jackets that are spectacular and they don’t hurt on consciousness, jackets with Biker zipper closure on the front that are fabulous in any production.
Bomber jackets, the big trend with cuffs on the sleeves that give luxury to any look.
Has the jackets style about everything popping on colder days with refinement and glamor.

3.Male models are simply “no comment”, but as this is an article I need to comment.
Super models and timeless, can be stored forever the day that solve use will be in fashion.
Combine with all kinds of pants, even has one that looks like a leather suit that is spectacular social style.