Edible Underwear: Some Data From The Lingerie That “Eats”

Created with the intention of combining the two largest human pleasures, edible underwear is a different and fun option for testing in couple. As if it were an urban legend of the lingerie, edible underwear is a great mystery which some like, many still have tried and others are reluctant to try again. See here the why.

Edible underwear?

We can imagine that this was the reaction of the employees of the Patent Office when David Sanderson and Lee Brady came to register your idea. The concept was completely revolutionary and patent was denied at that time considering that the underwear and food were not at all compatible (some are still considering it).

This refusal did not last long. They were the seventies (1975 to be exact), virtually all are worth! Shortly after the patent was granted and the first ‘candypants‘ (so called) were manufactured and distributed by Cosmorotics Inc., founded by David and Lee from Chicago, Illinois.

Then you might find this product practically everywhere, from shops of clothing of high level even in the corner bakery. The invention was considered a breath of fresh air that has revolutionized the market. It was the perfect blend of innocence and boldness. A novelty.

To this day you can find it mostly in sex shops and lingerie online stores and physical and, if you have a creative start-up, you can even manufacture it by your own means.

What is edible underwear made of?

Go question. The majority of edible underwear that you purchase is made based on strong chemicals and dyes which do not at all appetizing preparation (give a look to the experience of The Daily Meal with edible underwear to know the ingredients that make up the majority of products of this type).

If you want to explore your artistic vein and give a twist dared to “handmade gifts” for your anniversary, you can perfectly make your own pieces of lingerie sexy and edible ingredients a bit healthier (though not completely).

The options are many and you can find several tutorials on the web. If you remember how to make necklaces and bracelets with dry pasta, then you can “weave” your own edible underwear with candies. (Make sure you do it with time and following a mold created from your favorite panty model.) Threads candies with thin thread and linking them to create your design).

If knitting is not your thing, you can perhaps experiment with the option “modeling”. For this method you must use soft candies and master skills in clay modeling, smoothing them (not you should melt it!) in the microwave then flatten them on a paper of your favorite lingerie piece mould. You will need a stick kneading and patience to clean the kitchen when you’re done.

You can find which variety of edible underwear?

The truth is that you can find a handful of options in edible underwear for men and women. Don’t expect to bump with a perfect push-up made of sugar or with a high waist panty interwoven in dulce. Content yourself with a bikini brief thin as paper (with or without crotch) or a tiny thong and a bra made of triangles of sweet. Some pasties and even some League (perhaps the best choice for yourself) can also be found.

What if will find more variety is in the flavors: Strawberry, chocolate, chocolate with Strawberry, piña colada, Apple, peach, melon and cherry are just some of the more popular. But beware! A large percentage of those who have tried this “delicacy” agree that flavor has not the slightest resemblance to the specified in the container and that the texture of the garment (are talking about purchased clothes) is less sensual.

In conclusion, edible underwear may be designed to maximize the foreplay (foreplay) but the truth is that it can lead to a more fun time, sticky and somewhat unpleasant (think when those candies are melted) than sensual.

Have you ever tried the edible underwear? Tell me about your experience.