Earrings for Every Type of Woman

We are in love with earrings, this isn’t anything new. They are Accessories which are essential and which give a special touch to the visual. There are no exceptions as to who may or may not wear earrings, but there are some tips that guide in the sense of combining the play with the shape of the face. Having in mind what earring is ideal for your face type, now and just find the style that suits you, whether they are small, fringe and even the maxi earrings. Check out this selection with some of the categories present in the lodge of Frances Jewelry.

Boho Earrings

The boho style, which fell into the graces of various celebrities, mixing various styles – the hippie, the country, the Bohemian, the romantic, folk …-and asks a lot of accessories. Earrings in silver aged, with fringes and beads combine quite with the boho looks . He tends to be rather exaggerated and simple at the same time. Love that this style returned with everything in 2016 ♥

Fringed earring

They are inspired by the burning of 20 years, are also a trend that’s here to stay! Combine with a variety of situations, from the rush of everyday life to luxurious events, and give a movement that draws attention to the composition and the area of the face.

Many celebrities have joined the fringe earrings – or tassel, as can also be called, always combining with the tones of the production. Among them are Gisele Bündchen, Carolina Dieckman, Deborah Secco, Natalie Portman and artists present series on Netflix.

Small earrings

Looks good for all occasions, from sports to more social. With an earring small there is no error. If the idea is to dare in paste or a hair accessory, this is the best company. Are delicate and never go out of fashion and combining with any type of woman. This accessory is an ACE in the hole.

Drop earrings

He appears in various sizes and materials. Because the shape thinner on top and open on the bottom, falls right in the faces with triangular geometry. They are fever among the bloggers and are used for serious moments. As events, important meetings and until that date.

Maxi Earrings

In addition to having been featured in the winter, the ‘ Maxi ‘ Earrings are still high and are here to stay for good. Since we can’t impose on clothing, a very large earring can complete what you lack in your look.

The cool of this trend is that you don’t have to worry about putting a lot, because only the earring fills. Usually they are large, with movement, color, and style.

Pending earrings

Visually lengthen the face, detriment of who has long face. Can be used with the most varied types of necklines, “V”, “U” round, strapless, shoulder-to-shoulder, collar shirts and collars of jacket. The earring pendant is best when used with strapless clothing or shoulder-to-shoulder. And for the summer (Especially for those who live in Rio de Janeiro), it is a good choice. Even if it is large, you can abuse you bet on basic looks.

Hoop earrings

Combine with all formats, but are very sporting to be used with social clothes, except when lined of sparkles. Which woman has a hoop between their accessories? It’s always good to have ♥


It is a small earring with a point of light in front and a companion piece that lies behind the ear, between the earlobe and die. A love! It would be a smaller version that ear cuffs, but with more refined and delicate models. The main difference is that the ear jacket comes in separate parts, an earring contains 3 parts: the front light point, the plug and the threader; so you can dare and mix with other earrings that you already doing your unique combination. You will fall in love with all models on our site!