EagleTac Flashlights

Basically, high-performance flashlights, which are fired with three 18650 batteries, nowadays nothing special anymore. Nevertheless EagleTac succeeded with the new SX25L3 series, in advance to ensure bright eyes in many flashlights what the brand new CREE MT-G2 LED is not entirely innocent.

EagleTac Flashlights

In the past Flooder were (flashlights focusing on wide-area illumination without particularly high range) generally equipped with multiple XM-L LEDs to generate a corresponding light image, but which is often accompanied by certain artifacts Spill. The EagleTac SX25L3 MT-G2 P0 is now one of the first flashlights that want to achieve the same result with only a single LED, and even in a more neutral white light color, while the SX25L3 XM-L2 a compact Thrower with the current XM L2 LED’s.

How to beat both flashlights in practice and what has mainly SX25L3 MT-G2 P0 to offer, will be the subject of this review. As always, the lux measurements mine, the remaining data such as duration, lumens, etc. derived from the Garyflashlights website.

Packaging and Accessories

As with most other flashlights of EagleTac there is also the SX25L3 models as a kit and base-variant. The big difference between Kit and Base is first times the price (kit is more expensive), but also delivery.

Performance-wise, but both models are the same, here there is no difference. Both models are delivered in a cardboard box and contains, depending on the version (Kit or base) the following accessories:


  • instruction manual
  • Lanyard
  • O-Ringe
  • Battery tubes for receiving CR123A primary cells

Additionally, In The Kit Version:

  • YRGB-color filter
  • diffuser
  • Interchangeable cap with Clicky
  • Holster
  • Removable Edelstahlbezel

Even the holster of EagleTac SX25L3 one of the better processed, lamp but that fits with little use of force only with the head inside upwards. Important: On most images the SX25L3 be seen with Edelstahlbezel – this is, however, included as mentioned only in kit version, in the base version, it can not be removed and also black.

First Impression

EagleTac flashlights enjoy not without reason a very good reputation in terms of quality, and this is no different for the new SX25L3 series. The lights make a high-quality and stable impression, and I am sure that they survive even tougher conditions well. The anodization is without blemish, the LED centered tidy and the threads are clean cut, just as it should be and as you would expect it from a flashlight in this price range.

Be Serves EagleTac SX25L3 XM-L2 and the EagleTac SX25L3 MT-G2 about turning the bezel, on and off, they will be with the side switch. A clever feature is in my opinion the supplied Tailcap with Clicky (only kit version), which can be screwed in place of the standard flat-Tailcap – making it possible to the EagleTac SX25L3 also quite conventional on and off via the switch on the lamp end if that someone should prefer.

The side switch is also still responsible for more configuration settings that refer to either the user interface or the settings of the air, but more on the section User Interface.

Also only part of the kit version are screwed color filter in red, green, yellow and blue, and a diffuser. To use the filter or diffuser, only Edelstahlbezel must be unscrewed on the lamp head.