Double or Triple Ring – Accessory Trend

Punch–Double And Triple Ring

The trend of using various accessories has become essential. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are part of the daily looks productions of thousands of women all over the world. Plus they win on volume quantity used, they also increased in size. Maxi rings have busy hands of fashionistas, inspired by major figures of world fashion.

The fashion now is not restricted just to use a large ring, with lush and flashy stones, they are several in one. That’s right, double and even triple rings, like the well-known “brass knuckles” or “brass knuckles”, used for some years as a weapon for fighting. Now after a remodeled, it is the most top accessory. There are many versions, and can it be worked with stones, pearls, objectives in metal, such as the skulls, which are super trendy, or owls, birds, crosses, hearts and more.

The new accessory of the moment is called “punch” and, in addition to all these details he may possess, there are still models that form a Word, like “Love”, “peace”, “life” and so on. Some believe that the new rings can be too eye-catching or extravagant, but they serve to mark the style of those who use, in addition to demonstrate that you are a person tuned in trends.

If you want to get into fashion, but is afraid to do ugly or look too exaggerated, start using something very delicate, as the models of pearls or crystals, combine them with basic clothing and even the more showy. When to use something more flashy, as models with skulls, large stones and colourful, prefer a simpler outfit, don’t miss it.