Dome Cameras VS Bullet Cameras

Differences between camera dome and bullet

What is the big deal about the dome cameras and bullet cameras? What are the main differences? How they compare with each other? Both security cameras basically have the same parts: a lens, circuits, chip-set and the receiver card. Then, how are they different?

Should I buy a dome camera or bullet camera? It is what many wonder. We hope that this flowchart to make your decision-making process easier.

Form of security cameras

Let’s start with the obvious: the form as it is to install the surveillance camera.

The dome cameras are a circular dome so that they hang from the ceiling.

Bullet cameras They are typically mounted on the side of a wall and look like the barrel of a gun or a bullet Cap.

When it comes to deciding which camera used, almost always boils down to this: If you want to hang it on the ceiling then uses a dome camera. But if you want it on the wall, use a bullet camera.

Characteristics of security cameras

However, some technologies that are, for the most part, unique to any of the cameras is no bullet or dome. These technologies can influence the purchase, even when it is not ideal. There are mounting brackets which can enable bullet cameras to be mounted from above and stands for cameras Dome to mount them next to a building.

Dome cameras have the following unique features:

Dome cameras are vandalproof, this is thanks to a protective covering around the Chamber that prevents it from being damaged. They can withstand the damage from projectiles and bats.

In addition, the dome cameras have a dome of ‘smoke’ which makes it hard to see where to focus the camera lens. We recommend read: most popular Types of security cameras ).

Dome cameras have the following unique features:

They are long-range cameras, a dome camera dome restricts the size of the camera lens. If you are looking for a long-range camera, bullet camera is the best option.

CCTV cameras bullet You can place outdoors and are weather resistant. If you’re looking to install the camera on the outside, you must consider the bullet cameras.

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