“Does Wearing a Bra Cause Cancer?”

News that has been circulating on the internet for some time says that wearing a bra can promote the development of breast cancer. Is it true? The alert was given by a document supposedly based on scientific studies that circulates by email.

Is it true? Are feminists right, and do bras have to be burned? For we will clarify everything in this article

– The Myth

In the story that is released on the internet, the entity “Bra and Breast Cancer Study” would have concluded that women with breast cancer used, throughout their lives, tight bras and for longer periods of time than women who did not suffer from breast cancer. disease.

According to the report, if a woman wore a bra that was too tight, her breasts would be compressed, closing the lymph nodes, which would cause fluid build-up and lead to cysts forming.

The study also said that the breasts become weak and fallen, because they are dependent on artificial support. And that toxins eliminated through lymphatic pathways would be prevented from being expelled because of compression of the bra. Since the sinus could not perform the cleansing process, it would lead to an accumulation of toxins in the sinuses. And the cancer would attack. Sinister, is not it? But it’s not true.

– The Truth

The main risk factors for the appearance of breast cancer are age and race. Such a study “Bra and Breast Cancer Study” never really existed. What happened is that a couple of anthropologists were in Fiji in the 1990s evaluating the impact of Western medicine on the natives of that country.

Indeed, they have tried to find a link between the use of bra and breast cancer, but their research has proven nothing and therefore has never been published in medical journals.

Despite this, the couple wrote a book called “Dressed to Kill” based on their studies, but the book was rejected by the medical community.

The couple tried to make a connection between breast cysts and tumors, but the truth is that breast cysts are not made up of lymph, they are formed by a liquid secreted by the breast.

These toxins are not eliminated by the lymphatic pathways, as the couple tried to prove, but by the respiratory, renal and hepatic routes. In addition, the accumulation of toxins does not cause the cell mutation that causes the cancer. Otherwise, there would be a higher incidence of cancer in patients with renal failure, for example.

So girls, do not believe everything you read on the internet. Try to check whether the news is true or not. We went to get information through Dr. Pelicano Borges, doctor of the Portuguese Society of Senology.